Live Chat system that is multi-platform BUT has operator control panel.....

Live Chat System developed that has the following features:

* PHP, COLDFUSION, ASP - written in 3 languages (exact same script)


* Operator Interface EXE that works with Linux + Windows

* Skinnable templates (MSN Messenger, etc).

* Uses Licence key system

* Integrates easily with osCommerce, Modernbill, Cpanel, other windows programs etc.

* Auto-Installer and works with CPANEL, Modernbill, WHM, WHM autopilot

* The operator interface should have the following features:

- Integrate with cpanel, so a support officer doesn't need to login

again into cpanel and perform system admin tasks

- There is a status box of servers - listing HTTP ok FTP ok etc.

- An operator can have multiple chat sessions for multiple DOMAINS

- Works for multiple domains and can so show statistics from CPANEL

- Has server monitoring abilities for multiple domains

- Has functions to perform common tasks for web host owners etc.

- Various access levels that can be controlled by owner

- Owner can show statistics of operators that manage domains, such

as time logged in, how many queries were answered, how many

hours online


- Send alerts VIA SMS gateway etc.

- PLESK add on

- integrate with crystal reports 10

- integrates with support desks so operator doesn't have to be logged

on in other applicatons. So can centralise all the help desks software

by reading into the databases on each server.

- full config system

- modernbill add on - so operators can see outstanding invoices etc.

- i guess its done via database and not through system itself.

- create custom packages for clients as they talk to them

* System should be modulated so a person can purchase a CPANEL integration or HSPHERE etc... and so isn't dependant on all modules

* Easy template editor for easy branding

* Language support

* Backend translator function via [url removed, login to view] etc.

* Security (encrypted source code)

* Have a shared email system for other operators

Now i'm not sure if it can work with MSN Messenger service, and so a operator only needs EXE file + MSN Messenger and customers go to website and can chat, BUT then i don't know how customer can chat if they don't have PASSPORT. so you'll need to let me know on this one.

This is the complete system... However, I'm looking to get this started in COLDFUSION, PHP, MYSQL, MOST CPANEL, ALL MODERNBILL, MAJOR HELP DESK apps, WINDOWS, multiple server stats FROM WHM, alerts, and have this upgraded to ASP, OTHERS.... once the initial program is complete. But the initial program must have modernbill + cpanel + WHM functionality installed for the operator and have reports statistic ability.

The client side should be standard like chattist or livechatnow. I have a full source code to the client side for a company that went broke.

Most of the coding will be in the operator section. Client side should look like MSN messenger i guess with emoticons or something.

maybe code the application in JAVA if you can if that is easier or activeX.

This program should be designed in a modulated manner and is designed for web hosting companies and support places like [url removed, login to view] where an operator can maintain several websites, answer emails, and do tickets. It also helps the owner who is paying for live support services monitor their outsourced companies work. If you can develop this program good, i will need this to be continued for future upgrades etc.

Maybe work with voIP or something in future too.

If you can tell me the logical approach in developing the system, then let me know too.

i'm going to write up a full specifiction soon. To make it simple, its a

CHAT SYSTEM that incorporate MODERNBILL ADMIN, CPANEL, POPULAR HELP DESK PROGRAMS, WHM, etc. I guess via the database and not directly the application. Remember, the operator console doesn't even need to have a chat function. Everything is in modules including the chat part.

ColdFusion version will probably not use CPANEL etc, but rather a windows control panel system. So this will be implemented later. The CF version will be a basic chat system to start with which i want developed. This is why the add-ons will be modulated.

ONLY INDIAN/EASTERN EUROPEAN OUTSOURCED COMPANIES PLEASE! - Looking for low cost and payment made as work progresses. I need all work itemised by the hour and documented.

I want a basic system coded first and can easily be expanded upon... So need to develop for expansion.

This is how i see it, but i'm not sure as i'll need to have this in discussion

with your technical staff

$250 FOR INITIAL PROJECT (secured PHP & ColdFusion CHAT AND multiple server BASIC OPERATOR CHAT in windows with stats like chattist or something)

$500 for FULL modernbill + cpanel

$250 FOR administration + LINUX compilation + full reports

$50-100 FOR every new additional feature

I don't want to pay NO MORE than $2500USD for the whole system completed!

But the system will be built in stages, i just have to work out the stages first. above is a very basic draft (initial).


thanks, remember the system should be better then all the competition! and graphically, i leave that up to you, this program will be the ultimate support tool. the core program is the operator tool, not just the chat! the other stuff is add-ons, but chat is emphasised for customer service.

If you have time to break down how you will charge or envisage the cost breakdown. thanks!

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