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222417 Myspace alike website Bugs Fix

Here is the bugs i want to solve on my web site... [url removed, login to view]

1. the top 8 list it should show the first 8 of friends i added automaticly unless i chose not to show any of them from the edit top friends section... and it would be great if u can change the top 8 list with our this crazy puzzle they have ... i would suggest if u can have like a little field where u can put the rank number of the friends as a number... 1 or 2 or 3 ... 8... and there is [url removed, login to view] u can change top 8 list as u want in easier way and u even can change the people to show on top 4-8-12-24 etc.. have look at it please there...

2. the featured products cant be deleted from the admin menue ..anyhow can u delete the whole section of the shop please cause i dont need it right now.

3. on the sent section has to show the sent message status as sent if i send it and then read only if the other side read it and replied if the other part replied it ...

4. the featured game cant be deleted or changed ... i mean there is no mention for the featured game in the admin menue can u make featured game option in the admin menue to chose from there then i can control what i feature there...

5. can u cancel the sign up as musican from the main page and just make it as in this page [url removed, login to view] where there is a link inside to sign up as a singer or artist if u want...

6. can u cancel the top or favourite band section from inside the profile as showing here [url removed, login to view]

7. the admin can delete any profile or bann it can u check this option from admin menue please.

8. can u do the musician profiles as it is in [url removed, login to view] specialy what related in the music player and the ability for other memebrs to add those songs with 1 click to add it to there profile in a player please try it on [url removed, login to view]

9. fixing the sign up and the login area and make it more easier to sign up as the memebrs usually lost and they cant login again sometimes...

10. fixing the shoutbox or make another like the one here [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view]

11. in the admin control panel i cant delete memebrs bt there is a delete button can u make sure it is gona work?

12. making the transelation to Arabic procedures for the whole web site...i mean change the way to transelate my website..

13. i wanna make sure all the notifications is working right cause it has problem in another emails like hotmail as it doesnt notifications whn some on recieve comment or when get a message or sign up...

14. can u change the information inside the codes like the rights of the wonerships or any emails addresses to have our name only [url removed, login to view]

15. fixing the birthday notification either inside the web site it self or send notification to the email signed up with for the memembership - birthdays for friends in list try to make it as in [url removed, login to view]

16. the profiles of the musicans will look like the ones in [url removed, login to view] in addition the music players with a list in the musicans and the other memebrs can add a single song from that list to thier profiles or change it ...

Kemahiran: AJAX, Semua Boleh, ASP, Java, MySQL, PHP

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