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sms text messaging website

I am looking for someone to design a sms text messaging site. An out of the box application is ok as long as you can customize it and brand it for my needs.

Must be able to integrate with the [url removed, login to view] API. You could also use another system as long as the only fees are a per message fee less than 3 cents per outgoing message, no charge for incoming. It would also have to allow me to have 1 keyword (for no more than $35/month that supports unlimited sub keywords. I know that eztexting supports the above charges so I would prefer to use it unless you can provide documentation that there is another service at the same cost or cheaper.

The database records should have fields for company, first name, last name, email, cell phone, phone, fax, reminder date 1, reminder date 2, reminder date 3, time 1, time 2, time 3 and sub keyword. There should be a manual entry form for clients to manually add records. Also, any texts sent to the eztext short code with my keyword and the client sub keyword should post to the database.

The sub client records should be able to be browsed by sub keyword and the client will have the option to select certain records to send a sms to. Also should be able to send a text individually as well as to the whole group. The sub keyword list should be sortable by company, first name, last name or cell phone. should be able to delete the entry from this screen.

There should also be a easy to configure web form that I can easily change for each client to add to their website for subscriptions. It would be even better if there was a page in the application that the clients would simply need to copy and paste to their site to be able to have the prospects info post to their account and in the correct sub keyword.

System should have the ability to autorespond to incoming text messages based on the sub keyword.

must be able to setup campaigns for each keyword (multiple campaigns). Should be able to schedule by date and time. Also should have the option to send a reminder prior to appointments. For instance, send a text reminding someone of a dinner appointment on 5/22/08 at 6:00. They should be able to schedule this campaign to send at a predefined time period before that scheduled appointment. one hour before, or 1 day, 60 minutes, etc.

System should have an import utility that would import csv files containing the database fields and importing it to the sub category selected.

view all received texts and allow a response.

reporting on overall succes, by each sub keyword etc. should be able to run by dates of subscription.

a remove sub keyword that will remove the user from any lists for any clients.

There should be a calendar feature to allow clients to schedule meetings, phone calls, followups, etc. The calendar will remind client prior to scheduled activity. There should also be a log of all completed activities, calls, meetings, faxes, texts, voicemails, etc.

logs of all sent campaigns and messages and status. view all scheduled blasts per sub keyword. view pending messages, etc.

see [url removed, login to view] for below voting and contest.

voting marketing - a campaign where you enter a question and the choices A, B, C, D, E, etc. checkbox to permit multiple votes or not. should have screen to show live results with number of votes for each choice. There should also be a launch button that will launch a separate window to show the results with a splash screen graph with live results. splash screen with have the site logo with # of votes for each choice and the percentage.

contest manager: a campaign where you can create a cotest for users to enter by using the designated sub keyword. choices of contest are sweepstakes and instant win. for the sweepstakes, there should be fields to enter the winning text message, confirmation message of receipt of entry, and a duplicate entry message. a field for maximum number of winners and a checkbox whetther to accept multiple entries or not. once saved client should be able to view the contest. When time limit is up for the contest there is a button to select winners. The winners are selected randomly and the winners cell numbers are displayed to verify who won. there is then a popup button to notify winners that they have won the contest.

The other type of contest is a instant win. it will have a winner notification field, a loser notification field, a duplicate entry field and a checkbox to allow duplicate entries or not. a maximum number of winners field. also a field for enter the odds. 1 in (field number) (ex 10). In this example the system would automatically award 1 in every 10 entries as a winner and send out the winner and loser notifications.

The ability to transfer/or copy all/or selected contacts from on sub keyword to another. able to delete subkeyword and all entries.

a flirt type campaign for live events. see [url removed, login to view] for sample. also have samples for contests and polls. also would like a text to screen like on firetext. users texts would appear on screen using system generated alias.

A good looking layout can be found at [url removed, login to view] and looking at the demo at the bottom of the page.

as the admin i should be able to generate an online report showing a monthly report based on the client signup date that shows keywords, campaigns and number of texts sent. The client should also be able to run an online report showing their usage.

Their should be a master admin section (for me) to view all client data, access the site features so I can create campaigns, help the client get setup.

Their should also be a secondary admin section in a subfolder that can be used to rebrand the site for other marketers, partners to use. They should be able (or I) to customize colors, logo, etc. They sould be able ot run the same reports for just their clients registered through their subsite. The subsite should have all the features of main site but the admin should only be able to see their clients and not all of my clients.

These other functions are relatively easy to implement but as an unaccomplished programmer I would rather have someone else do it because they can do it a lot quicker. Site should be able to group by keywords for just email purposes. I should be able to email all users or just the ones I check. sent items should be saved for later review, I will need reports, etc.

Also, I need to have the system interface with a broadcast fax service. There are many out there but you can probably tell me who is better as far as price and service goes. The best I could find was about 6 cents per page with no monthly or setup fees. Clients should be able to group the contacts for faxing. The fax system should be able to merge data to a fax cover if client wants a fax cover. It should then allow the client to type a fax or upload a file to fax. Then the client pulls up the phonebook and can either fax all in the group, select the ones he wants to send the fax to or send it individually.

I will also want to connect to a voicemail broadcast service. There are also several of these out there. The one I found was 5 cents per message with no setup and no monthly fees. THe user should be able to do the same as with the fax with selecting who to send the voicemessage to.

For the fax and voicemessage sections I will need to preapprove the vendor you want to connect with. The same if you choose to look at a different API for the sms texting. I can give you my contact info through PM as I will want to talk to you prior to awarding the contract to make sure we are on the same page.

I currently have a local company willing to build this system for about $1200. He said that although it is several components that they are all fairly easy to build and implement. If your price is going to be higher than $1200 you need to be able to justify the added expense. I will also need to know the amount of time it will take you to build a prototype and then how long to make revisions to final product. I know it's hard to give this but just a good estimate is fine.

If you cannot provide all of the features needed please do not bid. I will require all of the text portions of the website to work and the process to flow in an organized manner that my clients will be able to understand and easily use. If you want to bid without the email, fax and voicemessage functions, that is fine also. The fax, email, voicemessage are not required but preferred.

Only bid completed project price. No hourly bids will be accepted!!!

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