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AI am looking for a Russian or Eastern Europe code to create an Online Chat Support download/executable. Which ever language you think is best, like C, C++, etc... This program allows the members to talk on one on with website visitors who choose to chat with them for online support. There are 3 pictures attached. Similiar programs like this exist like Liveperson, BoldChat, etc.., but we will offer multiple ways of chatting, like ajax in-screen popup for top and bottom right corners, new window, top right corner. Also need to make sure the program always checks for latest updates from us, checking my server for that.


This project is for the site [login to view URL] - allows members to chat in real time with visitors on their site. members put a 'chat live' button on their site, or a javascript floating chat button, or a javascript 'initiate chat' button, and it allows them to chat with their visitors. there are many programs like this already out there if you wanted to take a look at some competition.

This program costs $20/mo only for unlimited members. Join page, they choose pro membership or free trial. Both have same signup page, there they enter email, pw, then payment info. for pro, we start charging $20/mo, for free trial they get 30 days free. if they cancel within that time, they arent charged. but if they dont, after 30 days they become pro member, and we start them at $20/mo until they cancel.

After signup, they go to a page where they can download the chat client. Payment through paypal pro API

Hopefully this client can work on multiple OS's like many of the latest Windows, and a mac verstion


Most importantly, I want to say why I am building this. There are many chat programs, but i feel we can compete based on a better price scale and an easier chat strategy. I am offering a flat $20/mo cost, while everyone else exceeds that by a lot. unlimited operators, simpler with less features. Also, the main part, the chatting, i will make simpler to use, less-intrusive.


On join page, they enter their email (login for them on client), password, and credit info. using a merchant creditcard processor, so after that page, they goto joindone page where they can then download the client. Again, their login is their email and password they provided on the join page.


So now is the big part, the chat client that needs to be coded, im thinking either C or C++ as the programming language, but its up to you.

With this client, they will be able to talk to their visitors just like any other help chat support program.

Also besides chatting, they can alter their settings, customize the design of the buttons, get the HTML code to place on their page, and minimize/close the program.

The client needs to check for updates everytime it is started. These changes will be made by us in case we decide to add things to the client in the future.

When first starting the client, the user needs to login with their email address and password, but then we let them decide if they want the client to remember this info for the future.

The client, after being downloaded (exe format), will be installed using some installer programmer available, then launched after completion.

After launching, first part of client will be "Customize" tab, allowing them to choose how it looks on their site. They dont have to do any of this right now, but that will be the first tab open, with a message saying they should alter this first


So the overall design of the client should by very simplisitic and fluid, take a look at this competitor: [login to view URL] - it is very nice.

I came up with an ugly design for the "Chat" tab that contains all the info i hope we can have, but if you have a better design for it thats good. I havent made the tabs information for the 'settings' and 'customize' tabs, but i will include what information and options they will have in them

With this information, we can probably come up with a better way of designing and minimizaling everything


I was thinking the best way to show me updates is to actually make a screenshot movie and send that to me, so i can see everything from there, then give you mass update/changes if necessary, rather then sending me the updated client and having me install it everytime there is a change.



The only thing I want mandatory is that the client program uses bigger buttons, round corners, larger text. + light weight.

After that, the design is up to you. i can provide you the features we need, and however you think looks best we can try. my only goal for design iis that it look as simple as possible. if i see anything that needs changing i will let you know after viewing it in a movie.

I will have 3 main tabs, Chat, Settings, and Customize, with a "Chat" dropdown allowsing them to go Online or Offline, and with an "X" upper right that minimizes it. Right clicking it's icon bottom right system tray, we have Open, Status (Online, Offline), and Exit, with "Open" being Bold, and a line above "Exit".

Note: Chat Tab is now gone. since it will always be up. Settings and Customize will be popup windows with the client, and when closed, chat shows again (previously put in the background if Settings or Customize are open)


For the visitor, all chats will be in screen javascipt, appearing the browser's upper right corner, just left of the verticle scroll bar. the member of glowchat needs to install our script on every one of their pages to keep the chat open if they are in the middle of a discussion and go to another page on the domain. in that case, the chat then reloads to the last spot where they were in the conversion.

If a visitor clicks on a 'live chat' button, but the member's client program is not running or he set it to "offline" - then we put up a message asking for their email addy, and a message box for their message, it is then closed with a Thank you text, then that message goes to the member.

When a visitor starts a chat, then a little box shows up lower right for the member saying a Visitor wants to chat, clicking that box maximises the chat program with this visitor's chat tab open

When a member initiates a chat to a visitor, then the visitor sees a little box scroll down from top right in their browser, and stays in top right corner until the box is shown. it asks the visitor if they wan to chat. Yes and No are shown

When visitors want to chat, that chat goes to the operator who didn't get the last one. If only one operator online, then that operator gets all chats. If two are on, first chat goes to operator A, second to opertaor B, then third to operator A, 4th to B, etc..If 3 online, then A1, B2, C3, A4, B5, C6, etc..

If a visitor chats, but the client isnt open or in the background, then our systray icon will "glow" on and off to get their attetion, along with a sound (settings)

If a member chats, but the visitor's browser window isn't open, we can play a sound (settings)


Everything listed below is missing details, we will go over all 3 sections in detail as we approach them.


After it is installed, we will put it in Program Files in folder GlowChat, same with in their start menu -> programs. inside will be GlowChat (Client) and Uninstall

Login Screen:

Email address


Check button: Remember me (auto checked)

Check button: Load on startup (auto checked)

Login Button

GlowChat logo on top!



(Look at 3 attachments) I actually made a little design that I think would be best for the chat tab. on top is a list of current chat screens open, below that is where the actual chat takes place, right side on top is amount of visitors on the site, below that would be all the online operators for that site logged into the client, and below that would be a list of people on the site, allowing the operators to initiate a chat on their screen.

For the operators that show on the right, it only shows any operators that are online, the main guy on top, and any other operators that were created by the first member.

When a visitor inities chat, the first thing in the client asks if "Accept Chat", if yes, chat begins, if "No", then the live chat for the visitor turns into "No Help is available at this time"



Show me idle after X minutes of inactivity

Check box: Play sound when visitor wants to chat

Check box: Play sound when visitor sent text to customer who has client miminimzed or in background

Check box: Play sound when member sends text to visitor but their browser is minimized or in background


See a list of current operators, ability to see their name and email address, and a place to delete the (need to confirm)

below that, ability to add new operator, providing their name, email, password to login). then an auto email to both parties saying a new operator was made, with their email/password to login, and a link to download the client.

Check Box: Use welcome note (Text box below) to type in their welcome message. This is automatically sent as soon as a chat is started that comes from the Member. If not checked, this textbox goes disabled and darkened

The member has the oppurtunity to ask the visitor's name before chat begins, or go straight into chat. their name will then be a vairable [name], that members can use in pre-made messages, ex: "Hi [name], how can I help you today"

If a member wants to cancel their GlowChat account and stop payments, i will have a button in the client that lets them do so, in the Settings tab, giving it it's own sub-tab


Like settings, it will open a new window in the client. on top it will ask how they want the chat to open for the visitor - in a new window, or in-screen havascript in the lower right corner of their screen.

below that it is divided into 4 sections.

1) Regular chat button: we provide some to choose from, then they click "Generate HTML", and we give them the code to place on their site for this

2) Lower right scrolling button, they choose it's color, we give them code

3) Side scrolling panel, choose color, we give code

4) When initiating a chat, we let them choose color of button that comes into visitor's right top screen, and we give HTML code

I will show you examples of all of these (probably screenshots) to help you visualize what they will look like on the visitor's screen.

Customized Links/Text

Bottom right of the chat client, a member can do 3 things:

1) Enter a URl into the chatscreen automatically

2) Enter a pre-typed message into the chatscreen automatically

3) Push a pre-typed URL that opens into the visitors computer

For all 3 of these, they can enter a pre-typed one, and below that screen, they can enter new ones, the URLs they type in a name and a URL, and for pre-typed message, type in just the message.

They open one of these 3, see them, click it, and it shows up in the type screen, or pushes the url that was clicked.


I also need an admin section where I can see all members, their emails/passwords


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