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Whe need a toolbar witch can be intregated with all know explorers (iexplorer, firefox ect...)

Whe need this toolbar to have a direct search function in it to several different websites to search this keyword on all inputted websites.

All users who have installed this toolbar must have the option to signin or signup to use the toolbar.

After verification these userinformation must be rememberd on the users computer sow the toolbar can be used at all times.

The found results must be displayed on a resultpage and must contain the information as displayed on the website where it is scraped from.

The user must not see from witch website this is done. The output must be displayed on our own webpage.

When searching the toolbar must connect to several different websites, search for the content and extract and display all information about the searchstring.

For example:

- Moviename

- Moviedetails (story etc...)

- Subtitles

- Type (cam, screener, etc ...)

and sow on ... all this information is discribed at all the websites in the postinformation.

When displayed on the website, the pictures and demo movie must alsow be displayed.

The toolbar must alsow contain a mailaccount where the user must enter there emaildetails sow the can recieve email and send email.

Whe need this toolbar to be multilanguage sow whe prefer the used txt in the toolbar to be in code. In the backend system there must be a option to change the txt.

For example:

Whe want to be able to see the languages in the backend system in tables. English and Dutch next to eachother and whe want to be able to change the txt when needed in case of foults or when whe want to enter an extra line.

When searches are found whe want to check for existing NZB (download location files) and put these next to the found results for users to start downloading directly by clicking on this file. Whe no NZB file is availible whe would like the toolbar to search by filename and generate this downloadlink.

You can see details about searching on a filename and then creating an NZB file on http://binsearch.info.

Whe want the output to be displayed in a ordely form for good and clear vieuw of all the result incl. all included txt and pictures and offcource the direct downloadlink at the side of the found result.

Backend system:

Whe need a complete backend system who keeps a record of all users, there ip adress, emailadress, username and password.

Whe want to be able to disable a user when needed by username and ip.

Whe alsow want to be able to create a user when needed. In this case whe want to input a username, password and emailadres for this user.

The websites to search:

Whe want to search for content on several usenetforums. Most forum requires a username and password to acces the the website to see the content. Some forums even requires a username and password before the website can be seen and then alsow requires a username and password to login to see the content.

Whe want to be able to create a useraccount on these websites and use this username and password for this toolbar.

Whe need to be able to adjust and create new and existing website urls and need to be able to change the username and password in the toolbar for it to connect to these websites.

The toolbar must for this reason always connect to our backend system to check the required login for the different websites to search on.

The toolbar must alsow be able to use a random ip, to connect to these websites sow it will take a lot longer for these websites to remove the userlogin whe use to login to the website. When our account is deleted by the website whe want to be able to create a new account and change the required username and password in the toolbar.


Wich a username and password it is possible to get the required information from the website.

Whe will provide the websites from where whe want to get the content when searching.

Whe alsow want to be able to load extra languages into the toolbar when needed sow the toolbar must be able to install these at a later time.

Whe alsow want to be able to keep improving the toolbar and create extra features. Offcource whe want to do this with the same programmer who has created this first toolbar, sow whe are looking for a long time relationship. The toolbar must be build to be able to inport extra adons into sow users only have to download the new adon and install it to the current toolbar.

Overal use of the toolbar:

As discribed whe want the searchfunction in it and an emailoption for users to create emails to send and to recieve emails. Every user must be able to use more then one emailadres in this toolbar.

Whe alsow want a chat function in the toolbar next to emailoption.

(in the toolbar must be shown the number of emails in the inbox and for the chat function whe want a quick button sow when clicked upon a small screen rolls down witch shows all users like in msn. Whe want to show the online users and users who are offline. Please take msn as example).

Next to to direct search field whe alsow need the users to be able to vieuw the complete content of all the websites without entering a searchstring. All websites have there posts selected in cathegories like: movies, applications, games ... ect, and movies split into quality like: cam, ts, tc, screener and retail.

All this information is avalible on the different websites.

Whe want a user to select a button directly in the toolbar and first select: movie, application, games, etc ....

Then under the selected button whe need an extra option.

Example: Whe selecting the movie button whe need the options: ALL DVD, DIVX/XVID, VCD, SVCD etc... When selecting ALL whe want to provide a complete overvieuw off all the movies in all cathegories. When selecting DVD whe only want to display the results for DVD.

With applications and games it is simmular. For example: Games and then Xbox or PS etc.. and applications: Windows, Linux etc...

Whe alsow want a blanc space to place a banner into the toolbar. (flash and clickable).

For these results whe need the same as when a users searches. Display all information incl. pictures about the post.

Please be sure you understand this project completly. When you have experience with usenet that is a big +.

Whe want to have a long relatinship with the creator of this project and whe want to source files and application copyrighted by our company.

Whe hope to have a good programmer joining our company by creating this project.

Whe would alsow like an empty space in the toolbar to put a flashbanner in it witch whe can change in the backend system and whe would like to have the option to several different places on the result page to alsow place an add by txt, image or flash and also want to do this in the backend sow whe can upload the image and/or add. txt and select the location on the page on witch the add. must be displayed. When the output (resultpage) has more then one page whe want to be able to sign different adds to different locations.

When someone needs a toplocation whe want to be able to for example place this add. in the first page and then can choose between at the top, middle, left, right, bottom etc. and for other adds whe want to be able to assign them to a pageposition. The page on witch the add. will be displayed must be set by numbers in the backend system.

For example:

add. number 1 to 5 can be displayed on page one and 6 - 10 on page 2.

Whe want to upload the add. Select the position of the add. (left, right, bottum, top etc.) and give this add a number of priority. When the add. has given the numer 4 by us, this means there are 3 other adds. who must be displayed on page one before the number 4 add. and when whe give the add. number 8 it must be displayed on outputpage 2 and sow on.

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