need enhancements to existing PHP program that uses MySQL

The Title Tracker application is basically a database of information for title searches we have done. The database is located on a remote server (which we may move). We also link to pdf’s that have been scanned and that are stored on our local server. The location of these files may also change in the future (maybe another local server or stored online) so this is something you might want to keep in mind. It is currently written in PHP but I’m not opposed to it being written in another language. I didn’t know if .NET (or another) might be able to handle some of the things we are wanting to do a little better. We will continue to own all code associated with this program.

Logins for clients "admins" are done at 2 differant locations. Once it gets setup with appropriate rights/permissions we want to be able to login at one location.

## Deliverables

***_Misc. Notes_***

1. Whether stated or not, any field that is used should also be available as a search criteria.

2. Look at internal order #, how it is generated, and where it is placed.

3. Keep in mind that the program location or database may move

4. The location that the pdf’s are stored may change from a local server to one that is on the web. This will help us with backups and will also allow us to give the ability to the client (at some point) to download their search without having to open up our server.

5. Please keep detailed notes within your code.


1. When the client logs in to view their orders, The headings to be in this order: Company, Company Order #, Seller/Owner, Buyer, Address, County, State, Abstractors Network Order #, Additional Comments.

2. When a client creates a report and chooses “other?? for type of search, and then fills out the criteria, it is just posting “other?? when you view the report from our side. Rather than posting what the client actually wrote. This is also the case when you choose “other?? for type of copies.

3. When the client fills in the “Seller/Owner?? field, nothing is posting on our side. It just says N/A.

4. Need a field on the order form for the company to enter their order number. This can be at the top where they enter the type of search.

5. Also on the order form, in the property info section we need a field for “Subdivision??. Have this populate the subdivision field on our side.

6. When the order is submitted we are CC’d a copy of the order. This email to also include the company’s name, company’s order #, and where it says applicant/co-applicant, have it say Seller/Owner and Buyer.

7. When the order is checked completed it needs to continue to show on the client side for the next 5 business days. These completed orders need to be separated into another section and/or color coded from the open orders that they have.

8. After client logs in the will also have the ability to: (unsure on format, could be dropdown, button or other)

A. update their info

B. show billing info, such as what/when the paid what is outstanding blah, blah, blah

C. place new order

D. view new orders (this is also the default each time they log in)

E. Title Tracker enhancement request, this will then send an email out to

F. Download updated forms, e&o, any privacy policy, how to navigate TT.

9. When viewing multiple searches, we need to have a floating header at the top of each search. This will prevent clients from scrolling to the top.

***_Management/Employee Side_***

1. When viewing multiple searches, we need to have a floating header at the top of each search. This will prevent us from having to scroll to the top.

2. The “type of copies?? field is defaulting to “pertinent copies?? every time an order is created. This need to stay N/A until someone enters something. 3. The “company order number?? is staying blank even though we are entering it at the creation of the report.

4. When we enter who the search is assigned to their needs to be a time date and stamp in the “assigned to?? field.

5. The time stamp is still not correct. It seems to be several hours fast. I think this is due to the data being in CA. We need it to time stamp and show that it is Eastern time.

6. When we create a report, the “name?? field needs to be removed. It has been replaced by the “seller owner??, and the “buyer?? fields.

7. When we create a report, and when we edit one, there needs to be a drop down box with “in house??, farm-out??, and “other?? in it. Put this drop down under the “type of copies?? box. Have whatever is selected post in the private comments field.

8. The “type of search?? is defaulting to current owner when nothing is entered. This to stay as N/A if nothing is keyed in.

9. When we check the completed box, it gives us another drop down that allows us to choose, emailed customer, faxed customer, phone customer, or other. Choosing other will allow us to type what we did with the order. All of this information will populate the public and private comments field.

[url removed, login to view] to be able to create a report that will allow her to show orders by “outsourced person?? or “outsourced?? or in-house person by date input and by date completed.

[url removed, login to view] only do we need filtering for search criteria, but we need to be able to filter what is actually displayed and printed. (See form 3)

[url removed, login to view] need a drop down in the edit section that allows you to create the forms (this may be multiple forms) that we send out to abstractors. Forms need to populate any information that can be pulled from Title Tracker. We need the option to fax, email, or print these forms. (See forms 4a through 4e) e-mailed these.

[url removed, login to view] an order is assigned to an abstractor, it needs to populate the assigned to field with all of that abstractors contact info. Phone, fax, etc. There is already a time stamp in this assigned to field.

[url removed, login to view] all employees/abstractors that are created, we need to be able to label them either an in-house or out sourced abstractor. So that we can use this for reporting purposes. This is not a field that needs to be displayed when viewing orders, but does need to be available as search criteria.

[url removed, login to view] to be able to run reports that are based on what an employee was assigned and/or what that employee complete?

[url removed, login to view] the search criteria, whatever is selected for the criteria

[url removed, login to view] title tracker is ever down or we are have problems, there needs to be an error message either sent to our clients, or have it show up on the website. Just something letting them know that we are experiencing trouble and that they can call with questions on orders.

[url removed, login to view] an order is created it needs to populate the public field w/time stamp and say “order created??

[url removed, login to view] needs to be a dropdown for “how order received?? and have selections for e-mail, fax, phone, other. This information is displayed in the order and when order is received via online form (that client fills out) it would also indicate that. Once the order was created and saved the customer would also get an e-mail. You order has been received via “the source?? and is being processed.

***_Web site_***

1. State Map link (more on web page side than Title Tracker). This will show what states we do searches in and colored counties that show turn around times. This program (<[url removed, login to view]~maps2/[url removed, login to view]>) is in the right direction but the result looks somewhat “cheap??

2. Create an application that new employees (referred to as Vendors in the field) can use. It will need their F.M.L. Name, Address, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Fax, e-mail, other (field that they can type info in) and a filed for “areas you can search in??. We may at some point want this to populate Title Tracker

## Platform

Our local server is a Windows 2003 server. Our end users will use Microsoft Explorer to access and only a PDF reader is needed to view some of the content.

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