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We are wanting to create a website that will provide not only information to the viewer but also something of the experience of the product.

The product is a “pie” as in the thing that you eat. So as you can imagine this will be a tough feat to pull off to give the viewer of the site an ‘experience’ of the pie. We have come up with a concept which we would like to see, but a experienced flash animation artist and developer will be needed to build this site.

Please take a look at the following site. [url removed, login to view] – this is a site that introduces you to something called the “Vuka Scuta” it’s a motorbike, but honestly it is just a cheap Chinese product that has been re-branded as a Vuka Scuta, and the website has done an excellent job in making you want to be part of this community because of the look and feel of the site, they almost make the bike look cool and hip, when the reality is that it is cheap Chinese engineering. What we like about this site is that it has created an experience for the viewer, and makes them want the product.

We would like to create a website that somehow gives the viewer an experience of this particular brand of pie (national pie brand) We have come up with a concept of how to do this, by enabling the viewer or user of the site actually create their own pie, by rolling the pastry(on the website), adding their filling (on the website) and popping it in the oven all while hearing the heritage of how these pies first began. We want to create an interactive experience on the site.

Another good site to check out would be [url removed, login to view] but particularly the part where you get to interact with their mascot [url removed, login to view] and click on “dancing doughboy” now imagine you could use this same type of feel and you ‘control’ the baker and what pie he bakes while you watch and interact.

The website will have some other necessary info relating to the product (like the Vuka Site) but centrally to the page will be the ‘experience’ of the product – in this case this particular brand of pie.

This site will need to be built using PHP and Flash, it needs to be fast loading, and must adhere to W3C standards.

Please be sure to have read through this description properly, and looked at the relevant links, please do not place a bid if you do not have the skills or do not understand what it is we are looking for. Rather ask questions before bidding if you do not understand, as we would be happy to try give a clearer understanding.


1. Good and Perfect command of the English language

2. Skills in Flash animation and design

3. Excellent coding skills in PHP

4. Be on time with deliverables

5. Skype so we can talk when needed

Happy bidding, look forward to working with you on this project. this project needs to be completed within 4 weeks of selection.


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