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CRE Loaded Job For ahtsolutions

The template is to be Setup, Installed, and Integrated to ensure it is Bug Free and the entire site is to function properly (this should not be a problem since this is an OsCommerce site).

Just like in the previous project some images will need to be replaced. I will be providing the images that need to be replaced. The logo image [url removed, login to view] (“Home Electronics <Digital electronics for your home and office!>) will be replaced. The main banner image will be replaced ([url removed, login to view]). The [url removed, login to view] image will be replaced, [url removed, login to view], and [url removed, login to view] will be replaced.

Down at the bottom, beside of Privacy Notice, (to the right of that) Terms & Conditions should be added. There should also be an area in the admin panel to easily edit this.

There should be an add-on added to this template and the admin area where the admin can add and Create New Pages. Kind of like the Store Information Section located on [url removed, login to view] in the lower right hand corner of the screen. The only difference here is this Store Information Section for this site ([url removed, login to view]) should not be in the lower right. It should appear just under the Categories section. And it should appear just like the Categories section where Store Information should bee bold and red and have a solid line under it. The pages created should appear under it. If you can think of a better way to add in the Store Information/New Pages area please advice. The New Pages should appear like the Privacy Notice Page.

The same Pop-Up/Enlarge Product Feature that was added on [url removed, login to view] needs to be added to this site also.

The main banner image ([url removed, login to view]) will be a Rotating Banner just like the one on www.CLiffsFashion.Com. It should also be easily controlled in the admin area just like on www.CLiffsFashion.Com.

The Main Page should be configured so that it can show/display Featured Products (like on [url removed, login to view]).

Please login to the live demo user’s area (the details can be found at the top of this guide). As you can see there exist 3 main sections (My Account, My Orders, & E-Mail Notifications). There should be another Main section added here. It should be called “Virtual Card Notifications”. There should be 2 subcategories added under this main section. The first one should be “Request Card Balance”. When clicked there should be form boxes for the user to complete. The form boxes for this 1st subcategory should be Card Number, CVV2 Number, and the account holder’s email address should be sent along with this information to the admin’s email on file. The second subcategory should be “Request Card Statement”. When clicked there should be form boxes for the user to complete. The form boxes for this 2nd subcategory should be Card Number, CVV2 Number, and the account holder’s email address should be sent along with this information to the admin’s email on file. The admin panel should also track when each user submits a request for Card Balance & Card Statement. When there are new statements the admin should see a notice in the panel kind of like how it is on [url removed, login to view] with the Reference # notification in the admin panel.

There should be an addon added to this template so that there is a Wholesale as well as Retail Group option, like on CLiffsFahion.Com. Admin should be able to set different prices for the WholeSale products and also admin should be able to hide the WholeSale items from the retail Customers (just like on [url removed, login to view]). Also with the wholesale option, all wholesalers should be required to have a minimum # of product quantities before checking out. They should be prompted with this # if trying to check out when the minimum # is not met. For example wholesalers must have at least a quantity of 25 cards in their cart before being able to checkout (this should only apply to wholesalers, not retailers). This minimum # should be able to be changed by admin in the admin panel.

I think this already exists in the basic OsCommerce feature, but admin should be able to create and Edit Order Status.

The exact same Reference # & Payment Editing Feature that was added to [url removed, login to view] needs to be added to this site. It should also include the notification feature for the reference # addon as well (notification in admin and via email).

There should be a feature added for a Custom Product (This will be the Custom Virtual Card). The idea for this feature is where the Customer sees the Custom Product and can select and then is prompted to enter in the amount he wants on the card. In the admin area for this Custom Card, admin should be able to annotate the minimum and maximum amount the customer can enter for this card. The customer should be prompted if he tries to enter in a Min/Max amount that is under or over this amount. Also the admin should be able to specify the fee % to add to this card. For example if the Customer enters in $200 for the amount they want loaded on the card, in the admin area if admin specified a Range of $25 - $200 à add 45%, then the price of the card would be the value of the card + 45%, which is $200 + $90 (45%) = $290. For this custom card admin should be able to specify more than one value for fees. For instance admin might specify from $25 - $100 à add value + 30%, and from $101 - $300 à add value + 35%, and from $301 - $500 à add value + 40%. This custom product/custom card is different from the other products/cards. The other products will have set prices.

There will be some changes to some of the text or located within this font. It will be defined near the projects final stages of completion.

The admin will be using a Live Support Service. The Live Support Service will provide a short script that is usually placed in the html page of the site. This causes a offline or online picture to show on the site. There should be an error in the admin panel especially for this (pasting in the short script code). When this code is pasted, it will cause a picture to become visible on the front end of the site. It should appear somewhere on the site that is always visible, kind of like how the categories and best sellers section to the left is always visible. Let me know your thoughts on this matter. Another idea is just to use the New Page feature in admin and Make a Page called Support. And admin can just paste the code on this page and the picture will only be visible on this page if the above request is not possible.

Entire template should be converted over to CRE Loaded (currently it is a OsCommerce template) and all integration and bugs should be applied/fixed.

Flash button effects with sound should be applied to the menu list on this website to give it a more cool look to the site.

This project is to be completed within 8 days.

Kemahiran: Adobe Flash, PHP, Troli Membeli-belah

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