Explain to Me Shockwave+VB/Access

**This project is for you to explain to me how

a) shockwave can work with access in a web site and

b) shockwave (or flash) can be incorporated into a VB projects.


Bear in mind that

1. I am a VB programmer

2. I dont know the difference between shockwave/director/flash/etc so in the below I just refer to it as "shockwave" and you tell me what it is I need.

3. Please, don't tell me about java--I'm not interested!

I have two potential projects:

PROJECT A. I'd like to make an online version of my test prep software which you can see at www.FAATest.com. i want to do this in shockwave so that the user experience is fast and that my data is proteted from cut-and-paste.

PROJECT B. I want to make a new product that is a training software that the "shell" is in visual basic but also at certain points a shockwave animation or applet loads and the user does some things. This would be a standalone shareware app that users download. Ideally, the shockwave would sit inside the vb app "normally" and not launch in a new window or anything like that. It could sit inside a webbrowser control in visual basic.

I want you to give me a good, intelligent, few page discussion on these technologies. The discussion should be detailed telling me all the things that shockwave newbie doesn't understand, including, by no means limited to:

Project A: I want to run this on a WinXP server. Do i need any sort of special configuration to host such things? I already run access databases--that's not the problem. I understand that the Shockwave-access link is possible using some connector-add-ons. What are the costs? Are ones better/cheaper/etc? Is this worth doing? the key is that I need a very slick interface.


## Deliverables

Project B: Talk to me about installing this stuff on a user's machine--is it hard? Can I run it normally? Can I get data back from the shockwave applet to the VB app or do I just have to run it as a dumb "movie?" I probably want interactivity in the shockwave bit--that's ok, right? How are resources stored? I am thinking that project B will have 20 or so shockwave bits in it, but it would be hepful if they shared a common resource pool as the graphics, etc would be similar (but not always the same) in most.

In general- what are the tools necessary to edit this sort of thing? How does one recompile? What are limitations and so forth? for this bid, I expect a few screens of intelligent discussion to help this shockwave newbie.

**If you do a good job, you will be given priority (but no guarantee!) when/if I actually go to pitch the product on RAC.


In your bid, give me a short description lettning me know why you'd be good at writing the longer description.



## Platform

Shockwave/Director/flash/winxp (etc).

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