Project POH: Whole Site = $15,000 for team to finish project by 23 Jan, 05.

Executive Summary


I want a website that can host multiple clients, all of whom are writing one or more large documents.

A typical use would be an Initiative by a company to write a manual, which may be 300 pages of text, including operating checklists that need to be followed. The department head will want to see that the checklists are followed. This manual would only be viewable by company employees.

Other departments within the company may also write their own manual, or other documentation. Some things can be shared, like the organizational chart for the company, the company logo, and company ethics code, etc.

A Human Resources manager may write the company’s employee handbook. When the manager changes part of the handbook by adding, say, a new policy about sexual harassment, the manager will need to know that every single employee has read the new policy. So, the manager will specify that every user must read this document. At the end of a week, the manager can see who has, and who has not read the document.

A second Initiative might be a consortium of companies may wish to write a manifesto for their industry and make if readable by any web surfer.

A third Initiative may be a lone author that simply wants to write a romance novel. This long author has absolutely nothing to do with the first company or consortium and can not view their material & vise-versa.

Key Info


1. Build a PHP website for non-techies to write books in their browser.

2. Total Budget is $15,000.

3. Total Hours Promised = The number of man-hours you will work on this project between start date and Final Delivery Date

4. Final Delivery Date = 23 January, 2005

5. Follow-On Work may be available.

6. Success Bonus = Additional $1,000 cash bonus after Final Delivery if EVERY use-case is met and web site is successfully installed and running. If you finish before you’ve expended all Total Hours Promised, then you’ll immediately get the Success Bonus, but you still have to expend the unused hours on refinements.

7. I will pay you weekly for hours worked, regardless of whether you finish, or not, but I will stop work if you are not making rapid progress – see terms below. I know this is a tough project, so I want to reward hard work, but I don’t want to throw away money on a lost cause, either. J I’m trying to make this as fair as possible.

See full spec bellow in attached documents


This is a tough project


This is a large project so you must show proof of having a large team that can work on this. You should expect periodic feed-back and interaction from me. You must be ready to start the first week.

*** You bid must specifically address the issues in the spec and tell me why I should think you can do this.

*** I will interview every serious bidder.

You can contact me via:



phone = +[url removed, login to view]


As the attached file indicates - you are bidding by telling me how many man-hours you can put against this project between now and January 23rd, and indications that you can do the work!
Good luck.

Also, I have tried bidding out other smaller pieces of this project with good success, so here is the whole shebang!

Correct Phone number is: 1.727.329.1128

Approach for POH (see http://www.elance.com/projects/9477.html)

- User management / Initiative management is worked on in parallel to the below items.

- Install Trac & phpBB on a server for developers and me (see www.edgewall.com & phpbb.com)

- User TextPattern as basis for page management
* homepage) http://www.textpattern.com
* screenshot) http://www.textpattern.com/screenshots/?s=text_html_preview

- Modify FCKEditor to limit to the Elegant Technologies Structured Text feature set
This is our WYSIWYG Tool.
* homepage) http://www.fckeditor.net/
* demo) http://www.fckeditor.net/

- Create a clone of or use this uploader - shows how you can drag-and-drop files from your desktop and get them to the web server:
* http://www.eleganttechnologies.net/demo/juploads17/jupload_class_demo.php
* make it feed its images into the textpattern images system.

- Modify TextPattern so Text can be entered using our WYSIWYG Tool, so another vertical tab in TextPattern/content
- Add the concept of a toolbox to side of textpattern/content page.

- Create editor to organize textpattern's 'articles' for elegantly.
- Create method to seemless move content from one article to the next - treating articles more like the pages in a Word document than stand alone creations.

- Create a simple skinning system for my existing prototype of the POH.

- do Drag & Drop editing like this (here is a proof of concept)
*Open this page in one window:
*Open this page in another window:
* Click on any of the images and drag them to the html area of http://www.fckeditor.net/demo/default.html
You will now see that image the html area
You can use javascript or php to scan the html-area source - you'll see something like this:

You should be able to recognize that this image link points to an image on the local server, and then substitute the
link for whatever internal representation that Textpattern uses.

- So the POH Book Protype Here

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