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This is a homework problem. Its basically modification of a simple chat program and an OCSF framework. The basic program is given, the deliverables discuss the modification required. I can provide the exact files needed if you have problems with the website given below.

## Deliverables

Modify the Client-Server Application given at: [url removed, login to view] (You would need only the Files under OCSF and Simplechat1 to do this problem, everything else is unrelated)also, I can provide the exact files needed if you have problems with the website given above. Here are the things needed: 1.a) Currently if the server shuts down while the user is connected, the client does not respond, and continues to wait for messages. Modify the client so it responds to the shutdown of the server by printing message saying the server has shutdown and quitting. (Hint: look at methods connectionClosed and connectionException . b)Currently the client uses a default port. Modify the client so that it obtains the port number from the command line.(Hint : looks at the way it obtains the host name from the command line) [url removed, login to view] the server ignores situations where clients connect or disconnect. Modify the server so that it prints a out a nice message whenever the a client connects or disconnects.(Hint: write a code in EchoServer that overrides certain methods in AbstratcServer) [url removed, login to view] a mechanism so that the user of the client can type commands that perform special functions. Each command should stast with the # symbol. a) #quit : cause the client to terminate gracefully. Make sure the connection to server is terminated before exiting the program. b) #logoff : causes the client to disconnect fromt ht eserver, but not quit. c) #sethost :Calls the setHost method in the client. Only allowed if the client is logged off., displays an error message otherwise. d) #setport : Calls the setPort method in the client, with the same constraints as #sethost. e) #login : Causes the client to connect to the server. Only allowed if the client is not already connected, displays and error message otherwise. f) #gethost : Displays the current host name. g) #getport : Dispalys the current port number. Similar to above. Implement following commands for the user of the server. a) #quit :causes the Server to terminate gracefully. b) #Stop : causes the server to stop listening to new clients. c) #close: Causes the server to stop listening for new clients, but also to disconnect all existing clients. d) #setport : Calls the setPort method in the server, Only allowedif the server is closed. e) #start: auses the server to start listening for new clients. Only valid if the server is stopped. f) #getport: Display the current port number. [url removed, login to view] a new class ServerConsole that also implements the ChatIF interface, Following the modification following should be true. a) Anything typed in the server?s console by the end-user of the server should be echoed to the server?s console and to all clients. b) Any message originating front he end-user of the server should be prefixed by the string ?SERVER MSG>?. [url removed, login to view] the program cleints are always anonymous (When a message is sent from a client , it is echoed to all other clients, but nobody knows who sent it). So do the following a) Add a new login i.d command to the argument in client. The login i.d should be mandatory , the client should immediately quit if it is not provided. b) Whenever a client logins to the server it should acutomatically send the message ?#login? (i.e the string with the login i.d appended to it) to the server. (Note the use of ?#?. The #login is sent to the server it is not handles like commands #quit , #logoff etc.) Imp :With all the above done I require a list of all files/classes modified in relation to each problem. For example : For problem 1 a) Method connectionClosed in file:****.java modified

## Platform

should run on WindowsXP java environment .

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