Database copy and paste.

[url removed, login to view] is a sample of what I would like to copy, but the original would have little more information at the bottom.

What I am looking for is basically a software, or something that can copy the information and place it in excel, but information would change as time goes on, so I need some thing that would be interactive, and some thing you can select what information you need to copy and place the info anywhere you want, in excel and where to place it in excel.

à This sample what the like would look like [url removed, login to view] The sample ([url removed, login to view]) is what each page would look like, But the last number would change according to the persons id which would be given to me though a excel sheet.

Ø So I need to be able to take the last digits in excel and place them in the website

Ø Copy the info

o Need to copy

§ Student id

§ School dbn

§ Student name

§ Address

§ Phone

§ Ell id.

§ Total hours and the dates and time they attended.

Ø Put it in excel

all these links would be in aspx the information the software will be coping from will be in aspx and will be saved into excel. If you guys have a sample of what it would look like it would be great and what would be involved when the software would copy this information.

Program Information

I would like the program to do this step by step.


1. Go to open the excel file (it asks for the path) for ex: c: rptStudentAttdGroup.xls.

a. Takes the first column from A(student ID), it starts from A2 and take the number in that column put it at the end of a fixed web address (ex:[url removed, login to view])

b. It would look like [url removed, login to view] (but it can have more dates so must be ready for that, or it can have less dates).

c. It would copy the data that I have high lighted in [url removed, login to view] to [url removed, login to view] ( the original file it opened to get the Student ID from Column A2 on words) the data that being copied is going to go across the id it copied, then move on to the next student.

2. I would like to take that information and do two things with it

a. Put it in to the template which is called [url removed, login to view] in places it needs to.

i. Once the information is in the report rename the report to the students name and class number and save it to a dir which you have told the program where to put it.

b. Save the [url removed, login to view] so I can use the information we have not yet used.

Once you done with this there are two other thing I need this project to do but let talk about that once this is done because this is the building foundation of the other information, from what I was told, but it might be different let me get this out of the way so I can see there are some thing else that I missed. Ok then let me know if there are any more question. So I will wait for your reply by Friday.

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