JigSaw puzzle game: Google Android

The project is to build a basic Jigsaw puzzle game for the Android phone just like the jigsaw puzzles found on the internet. Also there are a lot of variaties all ready available in Android Market.

We need this game to have equal functionalities as the ones in Android Market.

## Deliverables

**Project: Jigsaw Puzzle for Android**

The project is to build a basic jigsaw puzzle game for the Android phone just like the jigsaw puzzles all ready in Android Market.

The program will get 320x320 images as input and cut it up in square puzzle pieces, the pieces are then randomly laid down on the field and the player has to drag the right puzzle pieces back to the original position in order to rebuild the image.

When dragging, the puzzle piece needs to hoover above the puzzle just like in the screenshot (See attachment). Note that each puzzle piece can be put anywhere in the field, unlike some puzzles where you can only move the piece 1 to the left, right, above or under. When the dragged piece is placed, the piece before will swap places.

When the player completes a puzzle they will be given an option to advance to the next image/stage. Also the completed level will be unlocked in the level selector, which will also need to be build. The level selector will just display all the levels you have completed and by selecting a level you will start the game from that level.

Also an option of setting the image as a wallpaper or save it to the SD card should also be given.

The images of the game should be put inside the drawables folder of the app, this is done so we can easily swap images for the game. (We will put in the pictures ourself, but you can test it with own pictures)

Furthermore basic sounds for picking up a puzzle piece and putting in a puzzle piece should be included. (The game doesn’t need highscore)

Also when the right puzzle pieces are not connected to each other you should see a black border around the piece and when they do connect then the black border should be removed, this indicates that the puzzle pieces fits each other. (As in the games allready in the market)

The layout and basic graphics should be something like the screenshots in the attachment.

Pls use Android SDK 1.5 although the layout of the game must also support higher resolutions as on the Nexus phone. (But the 320 x 320 images should not be stretch, this can be maintained)

We have included some screenshots which shows how it should look like, including layout and menu. (See attachment)

The important issues for this game are the usability for the player and the ease of swapping images for us. If you have a Android phone with acces to the market, you can find a lot of these games for Free. Our concept is basically the same.

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