Simple Appointment / Calendaring Website

Looking for a FUNCTIONING, easy to follow website.


I will be posting a multi-doctor project soon

I will be posting a multi-office x Multi-doctor project soon

I pretty much am handing you an easy to follow map – you just have to make it.

Does NOT need to be the BEST looking, but should like nice, and be easy to follow, run smoothly.

Will be on a LINUX webserver- Apache with PHP and MySQL.

You will make:

-Php Scripts, frontend, backend

-Design the Database

-A basic install script that includes Autosetup of the database

User enters in MYsql Host, user, Passwd, Database/Create New

If you want to go flash, or something else talk to me first.

Attached pdf document has below, but formatted much nicer. I suggest you look at it

1. Incoming call Procedure

a. Caller-ID grabbed

b. Screen popup launches http://website/[url removed, login to view]$callerid <- I have the screen pop utility already, you just need to program the website

c. Receptionist chooses options from [url removed, login to view] described below

2. Website Script

a. Receptionist hits home or goes to the main website.

b. Options on the home page (i-v):

i. Appointments: At top of All Calendar page is the Add new Appt Button, and Switch View Drop down menu

1. Schedule new appointment

a. Goes to Weekly Calendar view

i. Secretary can view next week by week, or jump to a month

ii. Shows time, but when secretary clicks on any part of the day it opens up a new appointment for that day – but she MUST specify the time

iii. Fields on that Page:

1. First Name, Last Name, Phone number

2. Time of appointment from x to y and have the date next to it in Red so the secretary knows shes on the right date – she should be able to click on the date and change it.

2. See today’s schedule

a. Shows an appointment list with the time next to it.

b. Time, Who, Phone Number, Click to Edit

i. If patient is new or has incomplete profile make a red link to profile that says NEW or Incomplete next to them

3. See Tomorrows Schedule -> daily view, just tomorrow, can scroll to next day, etc

4. See Weekly appointment calendar

a. Shows lined up days with scheduled appointments.

b. Each appt visible, clickable to edit

c. Can go to next week or previous week or jump to month

5. See Monthly appointment calendar

a. Shows days that have appointments

b. Click on the day to zoom into daily view (Todays Schedule)

6. Patient Search

ii. Patient Information

1. New Patient -> New patient page:

a. Full Name

b. Address

c. Phone 1(home)

d. Phone 2(cell)

e. Phone 3(work)

f. Phone 4(Misc)

i. Which one of above is preffered contact

g. E-Mail

h. Insurance provider

i. Insurance info box – for now just a large text box

i. Allergies

j. Significant medical symptoms

k. Notes Box

2. Patient Search -> By any of the below, or general google style search

i. Last name

ii. First name

iii. Phone number

iv. Zip Code

b. Options Once Patient(s) are found (Results Page)

i. Sort by Any field: Will list

1. First Name, Last Name, Phone, City.

ii. Click on a Name to Go to Patient Profile Page:

1. Shows Recent and Future appointments.

a. If has appt today, show first. Otherwise show future, separator, past-> most recent first, up to last 5 appts

2. Link to Schedule new appointment with patient info already pre-filled

3. Link to show all old appointments

4. Show next recall

5. Show Last Recall

6. Link to Schedule a recall

7. Edit patient information

iii. Recalls

1. See todays or Not Fulfilled Recalls

a. Finds recalls with due date of today or older and marked unfulfilled

2. Add new recall

a. Patient name, phone, recall period (1m, 3m, 6m from today)

i. Autoput due date in based on month choice above

3. Search recalls

a. Recalls due from x to y dates

b. Recalls due in the last three weeks

c. Recalls that were called once

iv. Print Reports

1. Print todays appointments

2. Print weekly appointment sheet

a. Has blanks for appointment openings

3. [url removed, login to view]

a. Based on the caller id passed to the script it searches for patient(s) with that phone number

b. If it finds ONE it goes to that patient profile page, and the secretary can choose what to do from there

c. If it finds more than one, it goes to the List of Available patients with that phone number, and the secretary can click on the person calling and move from there to the profile page -> see all the info

d. If no patient is found matched to the caller id bring up the following designed page:

i. Its basically the Home Page BUT there is an additional option somewhere clearly visible to:

1. Add a new patient > will automatically have this phone number filled in

2. Schedule a new appt > will auto have this phone number -> New appt page

3. Apply phone number to patient-> Patient Search-> Click on patient, confirm, Phone added to the patient profile, so next time recognized as patient

4. Scheduling a new appointment Safeguards

a. Make sure no conflicting appointment is already there.

b. If time overlap make the secretary CONFIRM booking, and show them side by side

c. If patient info was manually entered do a search through all the fields to see if the patient can be found.

i. If the patient is found, make sure the info entered matches that of the profile

1. First name, ignore caps or uncaps -> Capitalize first letter always

2. Last name, ignore caps or uncaps ->Capitalize first letter always

a. If spelling error TRUST THE PATIENT INFO ONLY if the name fields match, and the phone is different

i. If only 1/2 match, do a DID YOU MEAN X page before adding appt to database, if they click Yes, then change it, if No, add appointment as is and mark the patient as new

ii. If the phone didn’t match, add the phone to the patient’s phone list

3. If the phone and last name match, then obviously this is a new family member, so add it as a new patient-> Confirm New Patient in the Appointment confirmation

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