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227466 Social Network + Video Chat

I need someone to create a social network with video chat. The first part of the project is to create an exact clone of Stickam with ALL OF THE FEATURES.

This website is a live video chat website with archive audio/video clips. It is a social network.

You must be very fluent with webchat programming and social network scripts.

For the sake of simplicity, and keeping things understandable, what I want for Part 1 is exact duplicate of Stickam - every word, every graphic, every function.

For Part 2, you will customize the script so that it is original, as described below.

This website must not rely on any services that require monthly (or other) fees for live video chat or other services. It must be completely self contained with all scripts. No outside services. No other software to buy. No Flash Media Server. Red5 Media Server is fine.

The website most have a backend page that allows for manipulation of all things that the popular social network scripts allow, plus also allow manipulation of video feed bitrate and upload maximums and allow me to change the bitrate of the video/audio transfer, so that if I need to accomodate more users, I can decrease bandwidth. Backend admin will also have all of these features:

[url removed, login to view]

The first stage of this project will be to create an EXACT clone of the website and be fully functional without [url removed, login to view] like Stickam. Every graphic, every function. Everything.

I must emphasize, THE FIRST STAGE of this project is to make an EXACT clone of STICKAM - with all of the features. It will look and act EXACTLY like the exact clone. EXACT.

My objective for Part 1, is to keep things simple. So you know what you have to build. There are no questions. there are no arguments. Just make it look and work exactly like Stickam.

The 2nd part of the project will be to make some modifications to the website in order to make the site unique:

- some style/graphic changes.

- You will also add an instant message feauture so that members can instant message (audio/video/text) their friends (only their friends) opening a new window.

My overall plan is to bring the video chat features of Stickam to a network that works like Facebook, so that people who have schools and locations in common can find each other....just like FaceBook.. and then add all of the fun content of MySpace (classifieds, forums, groups, uploaded videos and music, etc ((all scripts that are readily available)...The only other modification that you make (after Part 1) is to add a script that will give points to members when they get their friends to join and new members get points for joining.. So, you get 100 points for signing up. Then, you have the option of inviting your friends to join. you should be able to import emails from hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, and aol. Then email friends. If friends join, then you get 10 points for each friend who is not already a member. total points accumulated will be shown on profile page. Admin page will allow for add/subtract points. And show total points in network, top 50 point holders.

The site will have all of the social features of Facebook (Request to be friend, Friends Status updates, Online Now, Recently Updated, Recently Added, All Friends, Find Friends, same Profile Forms , events, groups, photos, video)

Also, as mentioned, I will want a feature that allow for 'Instant message' of a friend.

The hardest part of the project will be to emulate the live video chat room of Stickam.

No FMS flash media server.((I plan on having my own dedicated server eventually. I do not want to have to pay thousands for FMS...So consider RED 5 media server instead)). Everything must be self-contained on my server, and not dependent on outside servers or outside services.

I should not have to buy any other software to make this work.

I will pay by escrow after completion, upload and debug. Your bid will be paid after project is complete.

I will put first $300 in your escrow now. I will pay you half of your bid when Part 1 is entirely complete and functional on your website. Remaining funds will be put in escrow at that point and will be paid when full website is complete, debugged, and uploaded to my server to my satisfaction.

And I must emphasize again, all software must be self contained. No outside services should be needed. All software will be on my server(s). All software will be original code.

You will first show me a working copy on YOUR webhost. You will then upload, debug. You will stay within your time schedule. No exceptions. You will show me progress every few days.

If project is satisfactory and you prove yourself as valuable to project, we will hire you on monthly salary to maintain site and continue to modify site.

All rights to software belong exclusively to me. You will not be able to share any part of any of this project with anyone else.

You must post message to me and explain to me your ability to do this site - especially the video chat part.

I repeat, you MUST POST MESSAGE. No generic messages. You must explain your ability to create this video chat clone of Stickam and what video chat technology you will use.

Kemahiran: Adobe Flash, Semua Boleh, Java, MySQL, PHP

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