IP Blocker/Tracking/Counter - Php/MySQL


= Need Php/MySQL Programmer Willing To Really Work =


I need a php programmer that is really willing to

actually work on sites and get them done. I do not

need someone who wants to work a week and then goof

off for a week and maybe decide they feel like


I have dealt with a good bit of lazy so-called

wannabee programmers on GAF who could not deliver

the project because they did not know how. If you

are one of those lazy people that wants to work when

you feel like it "THEN DO NOT BID ON THIS PROJECT".

I need someone that is willing to work and get the

job done asap, someone that can build a site from

scratch, someone that understands what building a

website really is about.




*** I do not need the following

* A Website Designer - DONT NEED

* A Group of People - DONT NEED

* A So-Called Company - DONT NEED




*** I do need the following

* Your are Online atleast 8 - 10 hours a day

* Your are Online with Yahoo IM and Visable

* You are Honest and Dependable Worker

* You are online FULL-TIME

* You are a individual (self employed)

* You know how to program php/mysql

* You are fast to understand what I want and need

* You are ready to get the job done

* You have and can build Php Sites from scratch

* You know how to build a ecommerce site

* You know how to make payment gateways

* You can work on simple and "COMPLEX" websites




*** Pay is per job and price is decided by me, period!

* I do not and will pay pay upfront

* I do not and will not pay for jobs not completed

* I do not and will not pay more then agreed

* I do not and will not pay until the job is done

* I do not and will not pay by the hour


= Providing A Test For Purposes Of Testing skills =


* All qualified people that pass the above will be

given a test to complete. If you refuse to do this

test or say it takes to long "THEN DO NOT BID ON

THIS PROJECT". If you cant do a test then you are

a waste of my time and you dont care about the sites

that you will be working on.


= Trial Run - This Project Details And Information =


* This current project will be a trial run to see if

you have what it takes to work for me. I am very strict

on websites being done in the least amount of time but

with the highest quality.

*** - Details : To build a simple script that will track

IP's, Date and time visits, IP/Country Blocking using

IPv6 (or other), output of stats for website, and a

small admin interface.

*** - Information : Site does not need any front end

the basic idea is for people to be able to track visits

to the site in order to add a counter on their pages

which will output :

** Number Visits

** Number of Unique Visits

** Number of IP's

The admin area will allow the adding of countries to

the IP blocker to block countries from the persons

website, the admin will give a full stats list for

admin to view that will show:

** Server:

Name of Server: [url removed, login to view] IP: [url removed, login to view]

** Date and Time:

02:30:41 09/02/2006

** Sum of IP's


The admin will also have the ability to output

html code for the person to copy and paste on their

webpages for the stats to show, with this code on that

page it also blocks the countries that are added to

the ip blocker in admin. The html code that generates

must be in javascript as the user should be able

to customize the text color, background color and such

of these stats.

*** - Terms : This is a test job to see if you have what

it takes to work for me, you must know about IP Tracking

and IP Blocking, you must know how to do password

protection and javascript, and ofcourse you must know

php/mysql as thats what this will be built in.

*** - Payment : Payment will be made to you on

GAF when this project is done, tested, and working.

You will not be paid any time before then. You will

be paid $60 for this test job.


= Continuation Of Projects and Building Websites =


* If you are the one that meets and passes all of the

above then I will have more work for you. Most projects

pay from $35 - $500. You must be willing to do the small

jobs as well as the larger jobs. Some jobs just may need

a update to another site and other jobs require to be

built from the ground up.


= Final Notes And Understanding What I want Done =


I need someone willing to work and get the job done

and go onto the next job.

I also need someone that does Proper typing and talking

in english.

I need someone that names their sql tags proper if you

make a query for carmodel then name it as such, this is

proper coding. Also note that $_REQUEST tags are not


With that said good luck


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