Fix a few Issues in Script

I am posting this project again because the selected provider was not able to complete the project to my client's specifications and I'm now looking for someone to complete this project.

I have a partially working script that just has a few issues remaining to be fixed. Make sure you can do this before you bid because I don't want to waste my time with someone that can't do this.



The script is for sending a user to an exit page only upon leaving the specified web site.


Step 1: The scripts needs to check for whether the destination page is on the web site or outside the web site for the following scenarios:

a. User clicks a link on the site

b. User types in an address in the browser address line

c. User clicks the back button

In each of these cases the script should check the destination URL with the domain of the web site and if the destination is on another site, it should then proceed to step 2.

Now this script should also send user to Step 2 IF the user closes a browser tab or closes the browser window, but in this case there is no need to do Step 1.

Step 2: The script brings up a popup that asks them if they are interested in scholarship information. With instructions to click okay to continue to the destination page and to click cancel to get the exit page.

a. Clicking 'okay' on the popup sends user on to the destination page.

b. Clicking 'cancel' on the popup sends the user to the exit page (or perhaps just makes the exit page text appear on the page). I don't care how this is accomplished just as long as clicking 'cancel' then gives them the desired exit page content.

That is the full functionality of the script.


Now I have a partially working script. The script I have already does the following:

Step 1: Checking whether the user selected destination is on the domain or not

a. User clicks a link on the site - correctly does this

b. User types in an address in the browser address line - correctly does this

c. User clicks the back button - doesn't do this correctly.

For c. what happens with the script I have is that no matter what the destination URL is it sends the user to Step 2. I need this script to get the back button URL and first check whether it is on the domain and then ONLY send the user to Step 2 if the destination URL takes the user away from the domain.

Step 2: Popup / Exit Page

Okay so for the script I have it correctly sends the user on the destination page if they click 'okay'. However if they click 'cancel' the get the exit page only for a brief moment and then they are sent on to the destination page. I need this fixed so that if they click 'cancel' they stay on the exit page and are NOT sent on to the destination page.

Also when a user closes the browser the popup window is correctly appearing BUT when the user selects 'cancel' to see the exit page the page doesn't open up. I need this fixed so that it then triggers the exit page to be opened up in a new window.

Keep the following in mind with this script.

1. The script should not make it hard for a user to back out of the site. On a previous version of our script every time you clicked the back button it did the popup and would keep you on the exit page. This has mostly been resolved now. But it is imperative that the script allows a person to leave the site without seeing the popup more than once as they try to leave the site. We don't want a situation where the user gets trapped into staying on the site. So make sure the script you make only gives them the popup one time as the user is leaving the site.

2. The script should work in as many situations as possible in which a user would leave a domain. I think I've covered those situations in the script specifications but if another situation is encountered in which the script doesn't work properly we may need that situation resolved. So keep this in mind.

3. All the links on the site that are for pages on the domain should NOT trigger the popup window. Right now it correctly handles this so keep this in mind cause that must remain that way. Right now this has been accomplished by givin a links on the page that are for the domain a class name of 'nolink'.


If any of what I'm asking for just isn't possible please say so in PM with your bid. Also I want to know how much experience you have with JavaScript and to see examples of similar work you've done.

If you can provide a working demo of this functionality correctly working you will increase the chances of being selected, as this is an urgent project and I don't want to waste my time with anyone that can't deliver. When you bid be sure to include Exit Script Completion in your bid so that I know you actually read ALL of this project description.

Once I select a provider, that provider will need to take the script I have and set up a working demo with the functionality fixes that I have requested so that I can see it is working as needed. Only once I see a working version on your server that does everything I have specified, will I put the bid amount in escrow. You will then give me the script and once I get it installed on the client site and the client inspects it and gives me the okay, only then will I release the funds to you.

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