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220902 Joomla Component and Modules

I need a new component based on the DatsoGallery component and modules for that new component, to show info in other parts of my portal.

For that purpose I made some jpg files to help you understand what I want (attached in a rar file)

The project:

What I need is what I call a PetSite, that is nothing more than the ability of each user to create inside the Community Builder Profile a Gallery exclusive to each Pet a user as, not a global gallery (I already have one..datsogallery) but a new sub-gallery inside the User CB profile, to that matter all the info (the general info that appears first NOT the tabs) should go the the left, living space to add thumbnails from the PetSite already created by the user, let me explain better..

Below the User Image in the CB profile it as to exist a button or link saying something like "Create Your PetSite", when a user clicks there it will open a new window for the user to add the PetSite title and a Principal Image and other info like "Birth Date", "Major Descripion" "Favorite toy" "Favorite food" etc etc, and they can also upload a image or choose a color tho the background of that pet site.. then when he/she its Ok the Image chosen as the PetSite Image will be thumbnailed in the right side of the CB general info.. after that the user can add more pictures to the recent created PetSite by clicking the thumbnail generated. (This is Part ONE)

Note: the thumbnail created should be in a size that the Administrator choose in the backend

The user must be able to upload Images (png,jpg,gif)not more than a specific number of images per petsite (Administrator should be able to control all aspects of the size of the images he wants his users to upload and how many should they be able to upload in the backend)the uploading process should be one image at the time, because each image as is on title and description (text fields) in the end of each upload the final result should be, the principal image (the first that the user uploaded in the creation of the PetSite) and the other pictures thumbnailed below that picture, when a user visits a PetSite this is what he sees, and when the visiter clicks in that thumbnail the pictures must go to the place that the principal image is..with the descripion in the right of that picture..(Part 2)

The user must be able to upload videos (avi or others ..the size should be controlled in the backend like the size of the thumbnail created)or add videos from youtube (only)..all videos should appear in thumbnails below the pictures..and is the same as the pictures with title and description (part 3)

Final part in the creation process..the blogs or Daily news..a owner of a petsite must have a kind of blog where he/she could write things about that a diary..or blog (part 4)

Note: the user should be able to delete or edit each image or video or inf he has in IS petsite, like the administrator should also but for all users or petsites.

Now the part of the visitors and registered users.

When a registered user visits a pet site he/she should be able to navigate in the thumbnails (videos or pictures) see the description etc etc.

The registered user should be also able to vote for the pet site (from one to five stars)

The registered user should be able to comment the petsite

Only registered user can vote and they only can vote one time per day in a PetSite (the can vote other petsites to but only one time also)

Only a registered user can comment!


Below each comment box there will be 8 small gifs each one of this gifs means something (for example a gif of a cow can mean something like "Delicated") when a registered user (only) wants to award a petsite he must click on one of this gifs and write something to go with that gif..after he clicks ok (this is a part that I forgot to write..the same small gif that are here will be the same that a PetSite as over the major info when a user visits a PetSite, but a little bigger with a 0 below each one)then the 0 goes to one.

All registered users can see who award who..when they click the bigger gifs it should open a window with the info of who as awarded the petsite and with the text he wrote...

A registered user can award only one time one a time frame of a week

Visitors can see who as awarded can see the comments the pictures the videos but they cannot interact with a PetSite only if they are registered.

The module part:

If this is done correctly I need one module to show the recent created PetSites (1, 2 or 3 thumbnails with the title)

I need one to show the most viewed PetSite

One to the most voted

One to the most awarded (Monthly basis)

And one to show the User who as awarded more..with the avatar)

All this info should be linked to the PetSites they refer excepts the awarded top person that should be linked to the CB profile

The awards the PetSite receives should appear in the CB profile of the owner of the petsite (only the gifs and the number of times he as received that award if a visitor wants to see the info he must visit the PetSites that the user as)

rar file has 3 images.

[url removed, login to view] (is what I have now in my Portal)

[url removed, login to view] (is what I need to have)

[url removed, login to view] (is what registered users should see when they visit a petsite..Note that in this case there is no comment made..if there was a comment than it should be below listed below the video thumbs)

Idea...I used photoshop to make this changes in CB profile and in the Datsogallery component so maybe its a good Idea to start developing in this last component that misses some things but already has alot done

Sorry about my English..but I think you all understand my Ideas (man of ideas but with no knowledge for making them come alive)

Need this as fast as can be done!

Best Regards


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