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Multivendor Project for handmade products

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1. the admin and storeadmin are able to manage orders and products of unlimited vendors from a single control panel

2. each product must be associated with a vendor but admin and storeadmin must be able to see how many products were sold by a particular vendor in a given period.

3. admin can limit the number of products published by each vendor each day (max 10 per day for example). Vendor must have an option to prepare next ten product for the next day. If the vendor already published 10 works on the given day he can continiue publishing products but they will appear on the site the next day or the given day after 12 o`clock in the night.

4. vendors can be added only by the admin or storeadmin (from back-end) after they will aquire to us via prepare contact form (short description and 5 pictures with products made so far). After approving the vendor admin, storeadmin will setup a blank profile for new vendor (with only his name forfilled) and the rest of the information (picture, small description and the contact email) will be completed by the vendor himself.

5. admin and storeadmin will be able to delete vendor later, if necessary.

6. after that vendor can create their own products.

7. Vendors and clients will access backend administration panel via login module on front home page.

8. When shopper orders a product, the system just needs to send an email to vendor and the shopper with the order details.

9. When a vendor is adding a product the parameters he needs to input for the product are:

- product name (not SKU, as SKU is a mandatory field it must be hidden field),

- price,

- product description,

- product categories (one product can be conected with two categories max).

10. Some additional mandatory fields when a product is added:

- 3 product color fields - drop down menus (main + 2 additional colours main is obligatory and additional not) (as a coloured drop down list )

- product tags (at least 4 tags must be forfilled 6 max.) tags will be published on each product details page for SEO purposes

- field wich shows the final price with commition included (maybe the same showing the dicounted price)

- 3 pictures to each product can be added (1 main + 2 additional, 200 kb max)

11. Discount option must be leveled:

- 1st sale = -10%

- 2nd sale = -30%

- 3rd sale = 50%

- 4th sale = -70%

- 5th sale = -90%

12. Commition (30%) for each product must be automaticaly added to the price during the publishing process (it must be clearly visible for the vendor what will be the final price in the shop)


- vendor price will be 21$ price in shop will be 28$ rounded up to values without anything after coma

13. a vendor must have limited access to the back-end:

- update product price, description, image, tags, product colour, product category

- the list of orders received (only for their ones) and to mark the goods as sent, the same must be able to do myself administrator.

- easy option to input the date by the vendor must be implemented.

- small welcome table on the home backend page which shows number of (products to be shipped, products reserved by the clients, new emails from order similar received)

14. Products will be published only as a single piece (only 1 product each time).

15. Observe, reservation and sold-out option:

- After being sold out product will still apear in the shop but the reserved (with the number of days remaing till the and of reservation) icon will be present instead of add_to_cart link. After the admin will receive the payment for the reserved product. He changes the status from reserved to sold-out. Then product still remains on the page but the icon changes to sold-out - order-similar. By clicing on that link the client will be redirected to the ask_the question_about_that_product page which will send the email to the vendor if another one is possible to be made. The client exist in the system only as the client number (as we want to keep the client anonymous for the vendors)

- email corespondense between vendor and client about special or additional orders must be transmitted via internal joomla email (so it can be accesed by admin, storeadmin).

- when the vendor prepares the similar product for the client he can insert a client number in the special field during the publishing process with an option that this work can be bought by the client which ordered this work during next 24h. This is an option which prevent other client from buying the product which was prepared espacially on someones order.

16. when the product is sent by admin, storeadmin or the vendor each of them and also the client who bought the produduct receive a shipment notification via email.

17. all products must be viewed in a single basket even if they belong to different vendors , vendor name and product small icon must appear in the basket

18. shipping costs must calculated for each vendor separately, example:

if a buyer acquires from 1 seller spending shipped x 1

if a buyer acquires from 2 sellers spending shipped x2

if a buyer acquires from 3 sellers spending shipped x3

etc etc ...


product1 - vendor1 - dispatch € 10

product 2 - vendor1 - dispatch € 00

product 3 - vendor1 - dispatch € 00

product 4 - vendor2 - dispatch € 10

product 5 - vendor3 - dispatch € 10

total shipment € 30

19. "reservation" option for clients to buy products (lasting for 5 days) with an option for the admin, storeadmin to change that period of time

20. There must be a form for the vendor with all his data (if it is a company - name, address, VAT number). Vendor must have an option to choose whether he wants an invoice or not. Automatic PDF invoice creation component in each vendor panel. Online invoice created at the end of each month for the products sold by the vendor from 1st till 30-31st of each month.

21. Comments from the clients must be visible and connected to the product details page and also to the vendor details page all received comments. Admin and store admin must have right to delete the comment if neccesary.

22. Simpleboard forum must be implemented to improve the contact between vendor on the backend of the shop

23. Blog with graphic design referring to the shop graphics must be also implemented

24. Simple graphic design for shop - different layout tamplates for the main page and for the browse and product detailes page.

25. Each vendor has to have his own www adress:


shop adress is [url removed, login to view]

vendor name is: mary

vendor gallery adress is [url removed, login to view]

26. Search product by colour option on the front page must be implemented with small colour icons appearing on the home page.

27. simplified and user friendly control panel for admin, vendor and client

28. Vendor can determine the order of the products in his gellery (some Javascript component) drag and drop. This means the funcionality that shows all unsold and reserved products with small icons which have the numbers in vendors gallery connected with them. These numbers determine the products order in vendor gallery.

29. Clients can collect money in basket for later purchases (% of transaction). Money is also given for the people who promoted our gallery to other people. When someone is registering as a new user he or she types in the new or the number of the user who recommended our gallery and he is given an amount of money which can be spent in our gallery.

30. Since it will be polish shop all functionalities must be possible to be translated to polish. Simple pictures and animation must be also translated to our langueage. But as we are experienced Joomla, VM users it should not be a big issue.

All other details we can deliver via email. Other improvements and ideas are welcome.

We are focused for long term cooperation


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