Need honest partner to start an offshore outsourcing business

I am in need of a partner that has his/her own web design and development firm. You need to show me proof of ownership, address, and number of employees and their skills. I will offer an opportunity for your firm to handle all acquired business in Canada in a virtual office type of environment. I will handle client acquisition, and provide you with the tools necessary to interact and support the clientele.

The partnership is a very lucrative offer to any business willing to expand its operations beyond their borders and not only in web terms, but in local terms as well. Several partners will be sought, depending on their area of expertise. That is, if you do web design only, then you will mention that in your application. Project management only? Same thing. Please do not exaggerate your abilities nor your staff numbers. I will require number of employees that are full time, their exact qualifications and job descriptions, and number of part time employees with qualifications as well.

Important: I will not deal with overpriced partners. This partnership is based on equality, and I do not believe in greed, as eventually it catches up with you and you will lose any potential clients or referrals. As such, and with all honesty, you are to tell me how much are you paying your staff monthly if they are full time, and hourly if they are part time, any distortions will not be tolerated, I have several friends in developing countries and all over the world and I have a very broad understanding of the wages of different employees, so I will outright reject any dishonest applications.

To be considered as a viable applicant, you will need to fill out an application to the best of your abilities so I may pick the best applicants.

You will be provided with a local address, a sip number to answer inquiries, and I will provide for meeting clients who need face to face meetings and relationship building.


1- Actual business, minimum 3 years experience managing business and meeting deadlines. If you have problems with deadlines, please do not apply. Freelancers, if you are well rounded, are versatile, have a minimum of 5 years of experience, smart, and can handle very tough projects while meeting all deadlines you can also apply, but if you have no confidence in any of the above, please do not.

2- Latest, I reiterate, absolute latest understanding of technologies related to field applying for. Constant presentation of latest learnt technologies is essential to the partnership to elevate the level of competence.

3- You will provide me with your project management style, how do you deal with unexpected shortfalls, and most important how do you approach each project from meeting the client to bug testing and then support. (very important).

4- You will provide a completely creative and original website which will be the forefront of the new partnership business. I will not accept your own website for the new business, I will only accept a state of the art attractive website and continuous seo management to raise the ranking of the site for more business. This cost is solely yours. A professional logo will have to be custom designed and original.

5- On demand, you will be asked to hire a developer (php usually, at times different backgrounds), on contract, using local rates, and provide the individual with working space and monitor him/her to insure efficiency. At first, within a period of time after formenting this relationship, you will offer me one and include as cost a small portion of your overhead for providing workspace. In time, this could be a substantial way of increasing the size of your business and outsourcing workers to entities who need them on a short or long term basis, at which time a percentage will be talked about for such a service.

6- This is a 60-40 relationship. I will be incurring a lot of cost in procuring clients and renting office space for you. As such, after initial setup of site and everything needed, costs will be split that way as well, I will pay 60%, you 40%. Costs can include newspaper advertisements and such. This is a fair percentage split and if you have any problems with it, I would be glad to hear your argument against it, but this is what I am proposing as a start, so please do not protest this if it is not satisfactory, not now at least.

Payments will be sent by your method of payment at first, preferrably a joint paypal account or bank wire.

This is not a partnership of handing side business over, this is a true partnership where a a corporation is formed and our specific roles starkly defined. In short, this is a serious offer.

As you all are aware, Canada is a booming market for such services, and this is your time to grab the opportunity. I will need to speak to serious people only and over the phone, for a short interview once the first phase of sending applications in is finished.

Applications are welcome from any country across the globe. Good luck.


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