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I need a script very similar to [url removed, login to view] including the payment integration...

* Front End

All free submissions are rotated giving each site equal exposure. With each page load the proxies are randomly re-ordered, except for the top three listings which are the premium listings as set in the admin area.

* Submission Area

The script allows proxy site owners to submit their proxy site for approval. Upon your approval in the admin area, the proxy site is then automatically listed in the right column of available proxies, along with being listed in the categories section. By default all listings are free, unless they've paid for a premium listing.

* Top Twenty Five Listings (Click For Demo)

The script detects the top 25 listings, which by default are usually paid spots. The rankings are sorted based on the positions paid, then the remaining positions rotated. This gives your advertisers even more exposure.

* Most Recent (Click For Demo)

The script detects the last 25 submitted proxy sites and list them according to the time and date added to the site.

* Admin Area

When a proxy site owner submits their proxy site for approval, it goes into your "Pending Listings" queue for approval in the admin area. You can then review the listing, and either accept or deny the listing. If accepted the site is then automatically listed within the list of available proxies. The password to access the admin area is: demo

* Current Listings

Admin can review all listings and make updates to the listings, delete listings or upgrade listings.

* Add New Sites

Admin can add new sites in bulk via the admin area, one site url per line, and sites are instantly added to the index

* Admin Email Confirmation

Admin is sent immediate email confirmation upon submissions of sites, so that the new submissions can then be approved/denied in admin area.

* Set Submission Confirmation Email

Admin can set the automated email of the confirmation that users are sent upon submitting a site for indexing

* Set Approval Confirmation Email

Admin can set the automated email of the confirmation that users are sent upon a website being approved and added to the site

* Mass Email

Send emails to all users who have made submissions to your proxy resource. A good way of promoting your other products or services or reminding users of the option to upgrade to a paid listing.

* Change Configuration

Admin can set the number of urls to be displayed per page on categories page, update the database the script operates from, the number of links to show before scroll bar appears in right frame, change admin password, and set the email that confirmations are sent to.

* Premium Listings

We've set up an [url removed, login to view] page that is currently set to be configured with Paypal. All you have to do is change the paypal email address in the [url removed, login to view] page and thank you url to point to your url and you're set to go with Premium listings.

We have not made this automatic to give you the option to review the orders. This is important for fraud screening, giving you the chance to review an order before upgrading it. You can change the pricing to whatever you wish.

We've setup premium listings in 3 sections as follows:

1) Top Three listings.

These listings are position #1, position #2, and position #3. When you receive an upgraded listing for either of these positions, you simply search for the url to see if it is listed in the current database, then you update that url to be premium. The top three listings are key coded by numbers.

The number "4" is the number assigned to push a listing to #1

The number "3" is the number assigned to push a listing to #2

The number "2" is the number assigned to push a listing to #3

Once you've updated the listing to the position ordered, the listing then moves into the spot ordered, and by default will be highlighted with a red color.

After updating you should then update your [url removed, login to view] page to show the position ordered as "Closed" and remove the payment button for that position. The button is a subscription, so therefore it is automatically re-billed monthly unless cancelled.

2) Positions 4-25 are set to be randomly rotated.

This gives users within those positions the ability to get equal exposure. Once you receive an order for a position between 4-25 you would search for the url, and input the key code of "1" to push that listing to be rotated in the 4-25 position of listed proxies. You would keep the subscription button available and listed as "Open" until you've filled all positions between 4-25.

3) Highlighted links.

This gives a standard free listing a highlighted gold color to bring more attention to the listing when the user is scrolling through the list of available proxies. This position is always open, so there is nothing to update on the [url removed, login to view] page.

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