Web-Based Avatar Demo with Automated Motion and Sound

This will be an AJAX/ROR/JRuby design ideally which will instantiate a simple automated web demo of a virtual gathering, graphically represented within a 2D graphic of the setting where each person in attendance is represented by an avatar. The demo must be able to accommodate Javascript add-in frames and must work in all popular up to date browsers (Firefox/Safari/IE)This will be a simple simulation, consisting of Avatars, the setting and its features, a band playing music with an indication of what music is playing and the music itself and a list of invited avatars. The only external control will be to be able to click on two (one male and one female) avatar and have a profile come up that overlays over the setting that shows the profile of the person represented by the avatar. All else will be simple automation of the band gyrating and the avatars moving etc. Figures of the various avatars will move about and congregate for many seconds (15-60, depending on which) and then move again. When 2 or more Avatars are congregated, they will automatically be encircled with a green circle or a red circle. The green circle indicates that they are in conversation, the red circle indicates a private conversation that others cannot enter without permission. Cartoon text captions will indicate the conversations of the congregated avatars. The setting graphic, in addition to a number of avatars about 20 that move about from time to time, forming and breaking congregations with green or red circles, will also consist of entertainment a band various rooms at the gathering, outdoor features , furniture and other typical features found in a house. At the entrance, there will be a bouncer responsible for letting people into the gathering, with a queue to get in. Someone at the back of the queue will tip the bouncer and be allowed to the front of the queue and be allowed to go right in. In the user profile frame, Javascript will be embedded that brings up an image of the person from another server. Only two avatars will have the profile feature, since this is just a demo. No other user controls are required besides clicking on the 2 avatars and bringing up the profiles and music volume. That is all. An MP3 will continuously play, providing the music.

The demo will consist of:

o 2D setting, with graphic features

o Indoor features, walls, halls, doorways, furniture etc.

o Outdoor features pathways, lawn, plants/trees, fountain

o Avatars:

o move only in open spaces and not through walls or furniture, etc

o Motion is automatic, no user control

o Avatars congregate and stop next to each other for a period of time ranging from 15 to 60 seconds

o Avatars do not all move at once, seemingly random motion occurs in different parts of the gathering

o Any congregation of avatars will have a green or a red circle around them

o Green/Red circle automatically appears when the avatars congregate

o Red circles are initially green for 5-10 seconds, then turn red

o All red circles are only with 2 avatars

o Green circles may have up to 6 avatars each

o Occasional cartoon text bubbles come up, showing random text of conversations by participants, easily changed such as "what's up dude" and Howz it goin' babe

o A virtual band is represented

o Virtual band is stationary but gyrates as it plays

o Music is playing from one or more embedded MP3 files, with music controls play/pause/stop/volume

o There is an indication with the player controls as to what the current song playing is and with album cover graphic

o Two avatars have click on controls which brings up a profile, one male and one female

o The profile will consist of a frame that has transparent features, showing the setting of the gathering behind the frame transparently, with text, graphics and an image that is controlled by Javascript that access another URL to pull in the graphics in png format, sample to be provided.

o There is a list of participants

o There is a representation of a queue to get into the gatherung with a bouncer at the head of the queue with a podium

o One participant comes up from behind and there is a simulation of that person tipping the bouncer

o Cartoon conversation text shows the sequence

o Once the bouncer is tipped the participant gains first place in line followed by immediate access to the gathering

o The entire simulation may take several minutes (length of the song or playlist) and then it will simply start over again automatically.

o It is important to keep the design simple because this is only a demo and nothing in the demo will be used in any production version. Therefore the budget is light.

Some graphics will use jpg and others transparent png formats.

Need to sign NDA to proceed with more information

Kemahiran: AJAX, J2EE, Javascript, PHP, Ruby on Rails

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