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222949 web based document management

Here is an interesting project that would be fun and easy to do for any skilled programmer.

The project consists in providing a sleek, user friendly password protected webpage having an interface allowing users to interact with content stored in a database. The application allows the users to upload and download various types of files, create subfolders and leave date stamped messages.

A skilled programmer could easily create such an application by choosing carefully selected existing scripts and making them work in a nice, seamless application. A successful bid could lead to other related projects.

The list of features include 3 easy steps (okay, step 2 is a little long ;-) ) :

A) A login page leading to a secured part of the website

B) Creating a table known as the “JOBS panel”.

[url removed, login to view] row represents a client and each row has several columns common to each row.

[url removed, login to view] columns are identified by a header and clicking the header will place items in that column in ascending or descending order (alphabetically or numerically as the case may be).

3.A user can enter a new client by clicking on the “new”icon located atop the “JOBS panel table”. Doing so opens up a “coordinates” box or window with empty fields for entering a client coordinates such as name, address, phone number, email, etc

[url removed, login to view] that “coordinates” box is an “upload”button which allows the user to upload a file.

[url removed, login to view] “coordinates” box also contains an automatically generated client file number (last number + 1)

[url removed, login to view] information entered in the “coordinates” box goes into the MySQL database.

[url removed, login to view] the information is entered, the user clicks on the “submit” button and the box disappears and the newly entered client is entered at the top of the “JOBS panel”.

[url removed, login to view] one of the columns is the one labeled “subcontractors” clicking in that column and on the row of the newly entered client produces a drop down menu of all the subcontractors. Clicking on one of them enters it as the subcontractor for that client.

[url removed, login to view] user then selects a task in the “task”column by clicking in that space which produces a drop down menu of the tasks. Depending upon the task selected, a default “date due” appears (which varies according to the task selected and of course, based on the current date).

[url removed, login to view] date that appears in the “date due” column as a result of the preceding action can be changed by selecting “standard”or “rush”in the “mode “column, which indicates that the client has paid extra to get a rush on his job.

[url removed, login to view] default “date due” can be altered by clicking on the date which pops up a calendar from which the user can select a date ( Clicking on arrows to the left or right of the calendar changes the months).

[url removed, login to view] of the columns is the “message” column in which a user can select message titles from a drop down list or enter his own subject line followed by the body of the message. The space for the message body is limited to 150 characters to keep the message short). The title is always visible and mouse hovering for 2 seconds opens up the message box.

13. At the extreme left and extreme right of each row are flags which can be lowered or raised. A raised flag on the left means that the dispatcher (the one who assigns the jobs to the subcontractors) has updated a client file. When a subcontractor opens the client file, the flag is lowered, indicating that the change has been seen. A raised flag on the right hand side indicates that a subcontractor has made a change, a lowered flag on the right hand side means that the dispatcher has seen that change.

[url removed, login to view] clicking on a given row (that is on a given client) opens up the “coordinates” and left double clicking opens up the client's ”list of documents”.

[url removed, login to view] “list of documents” consists in a list of all of the documents that have been entered, along with their tagged messages for a particular file from a particular client.

16.“Tagging” a message to a document means that if the dispatcher, or a subcontractor, or the client enters a document (word, PDF, JPG, etc) and at the time of upload a message or special instructions are written, this message is associated with that document. Think of it as an attachment to an email, or better still, an attachment in a forum message. In fact, using an open source message board and integrating it within this application could provide all of the necessary functionalities such as threads, date and time entered, etc...

[url removed, login to view] a client's job is finished, the row disappears from the “JOBS panel” until reactivated by doing a search by clicking on the “client” button located next to the “new” button described earlier. This opens up a window or box in which a user will enter the first few letters of the client's name, when there are ten or less matches, a drop down menu appears and the user can select the client. Similarly, a client can be found by way of his file number. Once selected, the client's “coordinates box” appears. The user can then select on activate to reenter the client in the “JOBS panel” or click “close” to close the “coordinates” box. This feature can be useful when looking for information on a client without necessarily reactivating it.

[url removed, login to view] to the “new” and “client” buttons is the “message” button which allows for communication between the dispatcher and the subcontractors on general topics not related to any specific client. Again, for these message exchange the same discussion forum software can be used.

C) The above steps generally describe the “JOBS panel” when used by the dispatcher, slight variations for use by the subcontractors and the clients merely remove some functions.

A more detailed description will be given to the winning bidder.

Kemahiran: Semua Boleh, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

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