A Drupal Digital Community that Kicks Ass

Build A Drupal Digital Community that is sharp, clean, funtional and with a layout any ethnic look in anyway.

It must, MUST, capture international design layouts and communicate a true sense of skill and not simply code that was thown in together to create a final product that will not pass any quality test. Serious and ethical coders only. I am not interested in dealing with illegally put together operations that claim a US presence, hire illegal immigrants in sweat shops in New York and even in their countries.

Please make your quotation competitively and realistic within your abilities to produce quality. We have chosen the website: [url removed, login to view] as a point of reference simply because we like the impact. We would like to create our communities along similar lines but respecting in design and features the notes and ideas we have listed below.

Please consider what follows a concept for you to generate the idea that will make out project a winner. This concept must move you to create quality in your coding, layout and attributes.

Special emphasis and criterion for selecting coder: MUST undisputedly add the following 3 elements:

1) Creativity

2) At least one novel functional feature: A sense and feeling that you are visiting a city.

3) Something new that will distinguish this site.

Drupal Knowledge is required. If you don't know Drupal please don't quote. We need reliable and responsible talent with pride for their work and the ability to prove it and see it to a final reality. I need what can be clearly defined as a digital community or a virtual city. It can loosely use [url removed, login to view] a minor point of reference only. The site can not be gimmicky but must yet have the flash that attracts attention as: www.chattheplanetattractive.com. The site will require:

1) Drupal

2) CiviCRM

3) Standard, modified and Custom Modules.

4) Installation of roundcubemail ([url removed, login to view]) to work integrated with in the site.

Your web development skills will include but will not be limited to XHTML, CSS 2, PHP and MYSQL, AJAX, and a sense of graphical balance and clarity. The site must immediately communicate that it is something new. I need a coder that will communicate clearly, follow up with his commitments, inform me expeditiously of problems and be reachable by phone. The coders must immerse him self in this project. Creativity in layout and must be in line with an international appeal. No ethnic influence. A Web 2.0 is required. Little text, lots of white space and still have some pages that excite. An example would be a straight Web 2.O login site, a more balanced and less ethnic [url removed, login to view] type home page for the main members’ page and returning to a uniformed and clean Web 2.0 look in as many of the other internal URLS.

Please only quote if you can deliver a finished project and care for the success of the project and are willing to follow up after the initial installation to insure a clean project by addressing any possible bugs and problem vectors for a period of 90 days. The coder also needs to be available for paid maintenance on an acceptable market rate.

These 2 sites will be an exclusive by invitation only sites. Inside the sites there will be different communities that will also be by invitation only. As an example let us use the scout website.

1) Only those invited can login to the website and go pass the login page. Every new member will be invited to only one internal closed community. These communities will be called a "Cabins." Each home base or Cabin can be open only to one particular scout group or non-scout group and must be listed under Country, State and City. There will be a public area we will call "the Open Square". In the Open Square the non private services and forums will be found: like classified ads, public forums, public chat, public photo galleries, web-based email, etc. Other than the Cabins all other areas will be activities will be open to every member of the site. Each home base or Cabin can have their own particular features common to traditional social sites such as myspace and others. Other than the private home bases Cabins must have their own calendar of events and other features. Only the Main Site wide Administrators and his assistance can open or close a Cabin. The community must have the feeling of entering a city or town. Not visually but a feeling. Graphics or layout can be used to accomplish this. Use creativity. All the Cabins will be shown as a graphic and labeled as to whom it belongs: a Name with letters, numbers, comas and periods can be used: Example: "Troop 21, San Francisco, CA, USA", "Australia Highland Club".

All services, contents and non specific features will be included and categorized under “The Public Square" for both [url removed, login to view] and OneRock.com. There you will find all public features, services, calendars, etc.: public forums, libraries, galleries, and other public interest features were chatting and forum will be allowed. We will promote interaction in "The Public Square". It will also allow individuals to set up their special interest stands. These stands can be galleries or what ever the coder can create.

1) Remember that any combination of technologies can be used but the platform must be Drupal with CiviCRM and the already stated web based email to accomplish these projects.

2) We will provide the colors and the logo for each site and will assist in advising a Web 2.0 look and layout if you so would allow us. We would like to be actively involved. The sites need to be simple, balanced, clean, symmetric, and conservative mixed with stylish use of colors and mix media of sound and video like www.chattheplanet.com. Both [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] will be duplicates of each other in the architecture sense of the word. Each however will be customized to successfully capture the essence, character and expectations of their demographic focus. Texts, graphics, content and template modifications should be sufficient aspects that would need to be different from one site to another.

General layout desire.

1) To participate in either of these two sites you need to be invited to the site ans in a particular grioup. Each community within the site will be referred to as a "Summit" for One Rock snd "Cabin" for the scout site. [url removed, login to view] members can join a Summit with examples like: (1) Catholic Teen Summit (2) Catholic Youth Summit (3) Catholic Young Adult Summit (4) Catholic Adult Summit (5) Catholic Information Summit and other Summits can be recommended for consideration.

2) As with the scout site, a new member begins at the first level membership, a Cabin or Summit.

3) Both sites will have "The Town Square" as a public area.

The permission roles we currently are considering are:

1) For the whole site we will need permissions for 1 Complete General Administrator: Full and complete privileges, Several Co-Administrators with a wide range of permissions to assist the General Administrator, and unlimited General Moderators: Full moderation privileges within the site.

2) For each Cabin or Summit: Administrator: Full privileges for a specific Pod or Fraternity and A Moderator with full moderator rights. You can have up to 3 Administrators per Pod and Fraternity level and unlimited Moderators.


HopMedia General Specifications for the ScotShop.com.

General Notes and Concept

1) OS: Linux

2) Product line: Digital Community for Scouts and those interested in outdoor activities. Functions are not defined in particular but would require that indeed the site is a social network site

3) The site is by invitation only but for the first 6 months we will accept applications and approve or deny applicants within 24 hours.

4) Financial sustenance: These sites will first use banner ads and will within time create ecommerce capabilities or links in partnership with outside vendors.

5) Demographic for [url removed, login to view] : Males and females from pre-pubescence to 21 years of age and adults who have a leadership position in any recognized club which deals with young people.

6) Emphasis on the scouting movement and in the spirit of the movement.

7) Concerns:

a. Not to appear in anyway that we are encroaching on the Boy Scouts of America or the World Wide Scouting Movement.

b. Heavy moderation as site will potentially attract pedophiles. A warning on the home page will emphasize that the digital community is heavily moderated and that any inappropriate behavior suggesting sexually deviant behavior will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

8) Already provided are colors considerations for the digital community, a single logo and a site were a few graphics can be downloaded and used.


The concept is to create a digital community that will attract scouts and individuals interested in scouting. We will allow anyone from around the world to participate. To be decided is what languages will be supported. A possibility is to only allow English at first or English and other easy to install language modules. Perhaps we can start with English and Spanish.

The task is for the coders to create a digital community that is easy to navigate, secure from those who are not members and entertaining within the already expected features from social network sites. It would be desirable if a new feature is created that will make this site of particular interest or differentiation. The site should have a front end that members and non members can navigate. This front end should be dynamic in terms of contents and visual features such as [url removed, login to view] links and other features. The front page should have a list of the popular Personal digital cube with their appropriate graphic.

The following is a partial list of services which we want to consider using:

1. An architecture that facilitates and encourages the individual members to connect and interact within the community with as many complementary services that are realisticaly possible. It must be service rich and practical too. But most important inteligent

(For the following: the Drupal community has already built-in this capability or is available through existing or modified modules.)

2. Each member will have a personal profile that we will call Digits with unique memberships and URL. Drupal has built-in capabilities and modules for these functions. The following are ideas that are inclusive or excusive of other possibilities for services and functions. The coder’s judgment is required. Each Digit, or member site, could have the following:

a) Main picture location or avatar (uploaded)

b) Main movie (by link)

c) Movie gallery (by links)

d) Photo gallery (uploaded)

e) Description of owner

f) List of favorite songs (MP3). Need to know legal implications.

g) Look at [url removed, login to view] for ideas

3. Personal Blogs..

4. Instant messaging, the Drupal community has already built-in this capability or is available through existing or modified modules.

5. Web-based email: Already specified and not a Drupal product.

6. Music downloads of non copyrighted music

7. Public Photo galleries

8. Classified listings

9. Events

10 Mailing capability to all members or selected members

11. Chat rooms

12. User Forums

13. Message Board for that can be placed in any public space by anywhere. No commercial ads.

14. Links to other existing Web 2.0 services that can nicely be configured within Drupal.

15. RSS

16. Search

17. Wiki

18. Strong Taxonomy: must be created

We will use the names "Cabins or Summits" instead of Groups as typical in other social network websites. When the site is first brought online it should already have predefined Cabins (groups) and the ability for others, with permission or invitation, to start their own private Cabin or Summit. The following are simply ideas for [url removed, login to view] Cabins:. The initial list will need to be developed by us.

1) Defend Scouting

2) Eagle Scouts

3) Girl Scouts

4) Camping

5) Hiking

6) Fishing

7) Boating

8) Archery

9) Other Digital Centers for the coders.

1) After reviewing several Drupal sites I like the menu as taps as in: www.ecademy.com. What I find attractive is how the taps assists in presenting what can be found inside the website. [url removed, login to view] also has the menu in hyperlinks on top and reveals a lot of what be found inside. We will have a short discription or text on the home page that will make it clear what is a Cabin or Summit.

When the person first registers after an invitation we need to obtain the following information for all users:

a) Email Address

b) First Name:

c) Last Name:

d) Password:

e) Confirm Password:

f) Country:

g) State/Province:

h) County

i) Postal Code:

j) Gender: Female Male

k) Date Of Birth:

l) Allow others to see when it's my birthday

m) Preferred Site & Language:

n) The use of the module: captcha for verification

Please take a look at these sites:

1) This site is nicely balanced but the text looks blotched, discolored at times and blurry. [url removed, login to view] What they did right is have little to read because it is not necessary. The context is quite clear what the site is about. It is open bright and not cluttered at all. But they messed up with the quality of the elements. Look at this website. It has great ideas. I like to visit it often to see how things are improving.

2) The most popular site, [url removed, login to view] has the best home page of any of the social websites. It is open, bright, calibrated perfectly along the lines. The lines are balanced simply and effortlessly. The header is simple and the logo as well. But it hints a clear sense of gathering and community. Notice that they leave a large space blank because they probably did not have anything nice to show upfront. The lower menu is replaces a footer and balances the upper menu. There is a simple slogan by the header that is brief and direct. All the lines, letters and colors are clear crisp. Some frames have movement. All the colors came from a complementary color wheel and they kept the number of colors in the few. I would love to have a similar looking site, not a complete imitation but a complementary clone with the same elements but with subtle changes.

3) See and hear www.chattheplanet.com. Can you accomplish this with Drupal and would you know which modules you can use or modify. It is always best to use one's own creativity instead of simple clones. A clone should always be an improvement. We need a little spark to add a sense of energy. I am very interested in new and creative ways of doing things. We need something particularly new..

4) The layout need to be symmetrical and leveled with a sense of balance. The logo needs to be simple but communicate with a hint of action what the site is about. We have a nice logo.

7) All colors must be smooth and have no traces of or visible pixels. No blurry lines, frames or test. Everything content and element needs to look sharp, open and bright. So again, if color is used in the outside borders we need only to tint the background and avoid a sense of blurriness. Everything must be sharp, crisp and bright.

8) The menu must be clearly readable and logically lined up against the rest of the lines on the site. One needs to look at all the lines on the page and assure that they are squared, leveled, even and not crowded.

Now that you have read this let's work together. Create the Software Pecification Statement and let's us proceeed. It you can not gurantee to produce guality please do not bid.

We neee to exchange an NDA and exchange emails and telephone numbers as well. All our telephone conversations and emails must be transcribed and pasted here. All payment must be made within the methods used in GetAFreelancer.com. We will not tolorate moving the business elsewhere.

Kemahiran: Perkhidmatan Audio, Javascript, JSP, PHP, XML

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