Enhancement for squid-redirector

Actual state: The squid-redirector presents the client PC a "Welcome Page" on first connect,

and periodically another "Advertising Page".

Redirector is written in PHP, both pages are HTML.

All data, incl. the links to both pages, is kept in a mySQL DB.

Now the following improovements have to be done:

- Actually, in case there are several clients behind a NAT-router, they intefere with each other, because they

have the same IP-adrs.

This must be changed, to have the intended functionality independently for all clients. This will most likely need

the usage of session-cookies, to differentiate the various clients.

- There should be two types of "Welcome" and "Advertisement Page": one in English (default), and one in cyrillic,

dependent upon language setting of client. A possibility to do this might be to use PHP-Accept-Language and PHP-Accept-Charset.

- Actually, the user of client PC immediately can get rid of both pages using "Refresh Button" of browser. This function should be usuable only

after configurable "min_presentation_time", which is kept in DB.

- The existing redirector has a nonreproducable bug, to be fixed: From time to time it simply does not work as expected,

no page is presented.

No Javascript, please.

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