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A simple fix neede for php ASAP

I am working on a script and i get this error

the fiel is attached need this ASAP so please if you do not have time to do this then DO NOT BID

Warning: fsockopen() [[url removed, login to view]]: unable to connect to [url removed, login to view] (Unable to find the socket transport "https" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?) in XXXXXXXXXXXXXX on line 84

I have contacted my host to make sure that ssl and all that is enabled he says it has been enabled and it still dont work

here is my server info

[url removed, login to view]

If any one see what that problem is please let me know how to maybe fix it and maybe how to get it to work here is a copy of the php code that i am using to witch is causeing the problem

class CYsHttpClass


protected $cookies, $postdata,$r_header,$r_content,$s_request;

final protected function addCookie($k, $v)




$this->cookies[$k[$i]] = $v[$i];


$this->cookies[$k] = $v;


final protected function addPostData($k, $v)




$this->postdata[$k[$i]] = $v[$i];


$this->postdata[$k] = $v;


final protected function httpConnect($url,$method='GET',$referer='',$userag ent='PayChain')


$port = 80; //Set Default Port to 80

$method = strtoupper($method);

list($protocol,$server,$script) = preg_split("/(http|https)?://([^/]+)([^ ]*)/",$url,-1,PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE | PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);


$port = 443;

if(strpos($server,":") != false)

list($server,$port) = preg_split("/([^:]+):(.+)/",$server,-1,PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE | PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);

$cookiestring = "";


if(sizeof($this->cookies) > 0)

foreach($this->cookies as $key=>$value)


if(strlen($cookiestring) != 0)

$cookiestring .= '; ';

$cookiestring .= urlencode($key) . '=' . urlencode($value);


$postdatastring = "";



$postdatastring = "";

if(sizeof($this->postdata) > 0)

foreach($this->postdata as $key=>$value)


if(strlen($postdatastring) != 0) $postdatastring .= '&';

$postdatastring .= urlencode($key) . '=' . urlencode($value);



$this->postdata = array(); // reset postdata field after use

$this->s_request="$method $script HTTP/1.1rn";

$this->s_request.="Host: $serverrn";

$this->s_request.="Accept: */*rn";


$this->s_request.="Cookie: $cookiestringrn";


$this->s_request.="Referer: $refererrn";


$this->s_request.="User-Agent: $useragentrn";

$this->s_request.="Connection: closern";

if($method == "POST")


$this->s_request.="Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencodedrn";

$this->s_request.="Content-Length: ".strlen($postdatastring)."rn";





$sock = fsockopen(($protocol=="https"? "ssl://".$server : $server), $port, $errno, $errstr);


fwrite($sock, $this->s_request);



$this->r_header = "$errstr ($errno)";

return -1;


$this->r_header = "";

while($str = trim(fgets($sock, 4096)))

$this->r_header .= "$strn";

if(preg_match_all("/Set-Cookie: (.*); path/", $this->r_header, $newcookie))

foreach($newcookie[1] as $c)


list($k,$v) = explode("=", $c);

$this->cookies[$k] = $v;


$this->r_content = "";



$buf = fread($sock,8192);

if(strlen($buf) == 0) break;

$this->r_content .= $buf;


// echo("DEBUG:".$this->r_content);



I have contacted my host and he says everything i need turned on for that to work is turned on and it still dont work

I wil pay via escrow but i do not want to spend a lot as i know its nothing major but i do not know what to do to fix it i do also have root to my server so if it is a server issue then i can fix that

I will not realease mone until the work is completed

I wish to have it fixed Asap if possable

Kemahiran: Linux, PHP

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