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219344 PHP Array / MySQL Data Work

This is difficult to explain so bear with me. I'm building a PHP talent tree display for the game World of Warcraft.

Each talent is grouped in several ways, the best way to explain would be:

Class -> Tree -> Value

There are 9 "Classes" in the game, and each class has 3 "Trees", each talent has a maximum value between 1 and 5 for the amount of points they can deposit into it.

I have an existing MySQL database with all 579 talents, each contain the count (order on the talent list, very important I'll explain further down), tree, talent name, talent value, and the talent class. So all the data is already there I just need a script that can process it.

Now a WoW talent string looks like this


So that's 64 possible talents for that class (Paladin), the 5th value "3" would be the 5th "count" on the db for that class, which ends up being the "Holy" tree with the name "Healing Light" and a maximum value of "3".

Your script will run a query and process the string above and display all non-zero talents and their values out of the maximum values in the following format.

Tree 1

Talent 1 - Value/Max Value

Talent 2 - Value/Max Value

Talent 3 - Value/Max Value

Tree 2

Talent 1 - Value/Max Value



I will provide a complete dump of the talent database and some sample strings, and you will have to work locally on your own machine as my script is on my private network and it's impossible for you to connect. Escrow available, post on PMB if you need clarification.

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