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Hello, we have a new quote form that will be emailed to vendors. This project will be on going as the quote will later turn into a purchase order but for now we want to just get the quote form working. Below is what we need & i'll try and be detailed but please ask as many questions before you place a bid. This project is pretty much a rush job. We had a programmer start on it before and wasted our time and we can't afford to lose any time. It doesn't need to be finished asap but does need to make progress quickly.

Add a quote

1 - we need a list of all vendors that have an email address and put a checkbox next to each of them. So like:

[]vendor 1

[]vendor 2

[]vendor 4

so vendor 3 does not have an email address so it doesn't show up.

A user can choose multiple vendors then choose an item enter qty and it starts a quote. This part with the item and qty is already done but we need when we choose vendors for it to enter the vendor_id into quote_items.

Currently we can choose multiple items for one quote. So if i created a new quote with 4 items it creates 1 new id into quote table and would enter 4 entries into quote_items table. This part all works...

but now

...we need if we choose 3 vendors and 3 items and hit add that it will still create 1 id into quote table and 9 id's into quote_items.

So for further example if i choose vendor 1 & vendor 4 then added 3 items. Vendor 1 would have 4 entries into quote_table and vendor 2 would have 4 entried into quote table...and in quote would still only have 1 id.

When hitting add or submit it already adds the following:

into quote table:id, date, user, emailed_comments, status

into quote_items table:id, quote_id, item, qty

what still needs to be added when hitting submit is:

into quote table: emailed_date,

into quote_items table: vendor_id

2 - When the submit button is hit it needs to email the vendors an email we will provide. Basically it will be a bid sheet with the information that was entered. We also want a copy emailed to us so we make sure it went out.

This is pretty basic but the part that is tricky is that the items drop down box pulls items from a few different tables (herbs, mix, finishing_items etc...) but when trying to hit submit if they try and send an item from herb and then an item from another table we need it have a pop up message not allowing them.

The reason why is when we get a quote on herb we get 3 prices (conventional, organic & wildcrafted) for each herb. So in the email it would ask for something like this

Echinacea Powder 25 lbs conventional______ organic_____ wild_____

but if it's a finishing item it would look like this

Bottle010 1000 ct. price_____

So a user can choose man herbs together but not from other tables in one quote.

Then the email is basically 1 email but a few spots will need to have something that states if it's from herb show this...or...if it's from finishing_items show this. If it's from herb it will show 3 prices but if it's not from herb it will show only one.

3 - All fields will need to be required except for comments.

Update a Quote

4 - this section is for when we receive the quotes back from the vendors we will enter the information. This section is basically undeveloped and will all need to be done unlike the above that many of it is already finished.

So we receive the quotes back and go to update we'll need it sorted by vendor then sub-sorted by item. By the vendor name we want to have their shipping terms and price breaks which will come from the vendor table.

then it will list each item and qty. Underneath the item we want to view the last 5 times we ordered it with Date – Name – Vendor – Qty – Price.

Underneath that will be where we update the quote. If it's from herb it will have 3 fields for conventional, organic & price. If it's not an herb it will just have cost. There will also need to be fields for ship date, comments & qty we want to order. Next to each price field we need 2 checkboxes one for purchase and one for remove.

Then the purchase button.

So once all the data is entered i would check purchase or remove (must choose one) next to each items cost enter the qty we want to get then hit purchase which would then email that vendor what we want to order (we'll provide what we need it to say). If we choose remove on all items for that order then it should not email the vendor.

I'm attaching an image of what #4 should look like. The items in red are what admin only needs to see. All of the info in that picture are for 1 vendor with 2 items so if there are 2 more vendors there will be that same info 2 more times.

Last part to #4 is that when we hit the purchase button it puts the status to complete in quote and starts a new po which is the next phase we'll need to be done. Basically the po is a lot like this quote page with different information and it is only tied to 1 vendor. Also if it's an herb we need to put the type next to the name. For example if we chose Organic for Cayenne Powder the item screen would already say Cayenne Powder but we'd now want it to say Cayenne Powder - Organic.

View a quote

5 - when viewing a list of open quotes (already done) we have status and depending on the status we want certain actions to show up. For example if it's pending status we want an update link but if it's already been update then we want the update link removed. We'd also want each status date next to it.

Sorry to be so long on this description we just had a crappy programmer take too long and say he didn't understand the requirements so we want to be as useful as we could before you bid.

Once again this job needs to be started and completed in a timely manner. Please do not put 1 day if it's going to take you a week. If all goes well we are looking for an honest, quick long time business partner.

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