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Here is what we need:

We have a schedule of exam preparation for our clients. It is usually about 30 days and includes step by step preparation instructions. For example, on day one it tells the client to read pages 11-25 in textbook X.

What we need is a script to properly administer this and help the client keep track of their progress.

We have a database of x number of days with specific instructions for each day. The script you write must be able to display each entry of each day and allow the user to checkbox each step that they complete. At any given time, little features like % complete (based on how many checkboxes are checked and how many left…) are needed.

Here is the tricky bit though: We need this in calendar format. For example, the user says I am ready to start this on Tuesday April 1st, 2008. Your script would give a calendar (actual days and actual dates) starting from April 1st and calculate a personalized ONLINE calendar for the user based on the number of days the schedule runs for (in a month-in-view calendar format).

Here is how it would work from the clients' point of view: He/she logs in to our site, goes to the schedule. [There is no need for login script or anything like that… just the calendar bit is needed.) If a calendar has already been created then he/she sees the customized schedule that the script has generated. Clicks on today's date and sees the items (pages of books) that need to be read. Every time one item of a given day completes, the user checkboxes that item. The script calculates percent completed.

I realize this can be a bit challenging to understand at first and requires a calendar app but if you have any questions please re-read this post and then send me your q.

As for the calendar app:

We do not have one on the site and this project needs to include whatever it needs. Now, having said that, we do use jQuery on our site (so it is included on every page.) So, if there is a jquery calendar app that can be used, then of course let's use that.

The database where the information for the schedule will be read from is attached.

Also, the final database you design must keep track of everything - one line per user. In other words, I want it setup so that each user has a line with what they have completed so far and so forth... Our login system tracks users by userid so please have everything for each user linked via userid. You can call your version of the variable $gsuserid and then when the project is finished we will have to link it to our version of the same variable.

Here is the explaination for the mysql table variables:

stepid = the unique step ID needed to keep track of all the steps in the entire schedule --

day = signifies the preperation day. For example, on day 2 of the prep, this will be 2 --

desc= description of the required action to be taken on this step. For example, "read pages 1-5" --

time_req = this is in hours. It is the recommended or preceived time that this step should take a student - values are 1, 2, etc (in hrs) --

book_isbn= the ISBN of the book needed to complete this step. --

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