Large website design,,development, and maintenance project. - possible long-term project!

June 30, 2006

Webmaster(s), developer(s), creative mind(s) needed for large project (possibly long-term – depending on several factors).

NET, ASP, C/C++, XML, Website Design, RSS, Linux, PHP, HTML, Project Management, Flash, Graphic Design, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic, geocoding creation and integration with Google maps, Banner Design, and any other skills that might be necessary with a project of this magnitude.

Understanding English is a must and be able to communicate through email, msn, and/ or Skype.

I understand most reading this project are freelancers and have multiple commitments. In the beginning we would like to see a fulltime commitment to our project 40 hours per week (or whatever it takes to finish). Once our project gets developed and the duties change to more on the maintenance and small project side during the two month maintenance/bug fixing period, we completely understand if you would like to take other freelance projects on. As long as your commitments to our/your project/company take priority.

Initially we want a developer(s) to create our websites. However, depending on the progress and quality of the products and your desires, we would like to keep the person(s) on long-term as fulltime employees/contractors/webmaster(s). We are a young startup company with some fantastic products headed by some outstanding leadership. In the long-term we will offer a competitive salary/contract with possible vesting options in the company. We feel if you have some ownership in the company and the team, your feelings toward the projects will reflect a higher quality.

Please quote according to completing the entire project 100% and a two month commitment (no weekly or hourly in the beginning). After the project and tweaking period, we can negotiate a fulltime rate (hourly, weekly, monthly, or contract) after the project gets to that point.

Before a contract is finalized, we will need to check references, past completed projects, and a telephone interview(s).

Our payment schedule is negotiable, but tenetivly we will pay 50% of the contract when 75% complete. Then the additional 50% of the contract will be paid when the entire project is complete.

Generic "I can do everything- no problem" bids will be ignored so please don’t send them!!!!

A quick general summary in regards to our project;

We want a series of websites, easily expandable format, and loading time is an important consideration. I want some eye candy (Flash) for a pleasant user visit, however I do not want the user to have to want too long or have to load additional software for a page to load.

All the products/sub-products need not be 100% original and developed by your company. I see no reason to reinvent the wheel; with such said, I know there are many great products out there that could be purchased and integrated (saving time and frustrations). We are also open to open source application integration (again saving time and money). As long as you have a site license or tell me why it can be used legally.

We need a development process where the channels are freely open so that we can be actively involved in the process. By actively involved, I mean we would like to be able to give input and make request as the project proceeds. We do not intend on micromanaging, we would just like the ability to learn about the process and make design suggestions and tweaks as we progress.

We have design sketches I can forward you, but are completely open to suggestions and new ideas.

All domains names are currently registered and purchased.

Some of the backend has already been developed, but a new backend may be easier to create and integrate.

Some products we want in the website(s);

Initial login to setup user account for limited access (will later decide the services limited to) will require user to create only (including the same format for a user to check the agreement box to agree to our terms and conditions agreement – we have had our legal team already write),

User name

Email address


Good example;

[url removed, login to view]

New users registration: for user to access all available services;

Profile: New users would be directed to a profile page that would include the following account set-up info

User Name (name to be used on public profile, i.e. “funtimeman”

Names (first & last)

Job position





Current location (will plot on personal map using Google maps with Geocoding database)


Permission to display position on public map (check box automatically checked – user will have to de-select the box to not allow such).

Permission to display contact details in public address book (check box automatically checked – user will have to de-select the box to not allow such).

Photo albums should allow the individual member to easily upload random sized photos

which the system will automatically resize to several standard sizes, i.e. thumbnail and a

enlarged viewing size, i.e. 600 x 600 (our full size photo display should retain proportions w/the largest original dimension being restricted to 600 pixels, i.e. a 700 x 1200 photo should be stored and displayed as 350 x 600). The photo album should also have the capability for the individual member to password protect one or more of the photos in their photos. The photo album is restricted to 5 mb per user.

Browse Function: Individual members should be able to search for other members against a hierarchy of profile entries. Each of these entires will be based on numeric or fixed choice data, i.e. location, email address, etc…

Mailbox Function: The system should have a mail system that allows users to contact other users w/o revealing their personal email addresses. The system should provide users with private email notification that they have mail on the system and give them the ability to automatically have the site forward mail from the site to their email address.

Who is Online: System should open a page w/ a thumbnail profile listing of who is on organized by distance or location from the individual member.

Message Forum system: We would like to duplicate the message posting format that yahoo uses for their yahoo groups.

Chat: The site should include a “photo” chat function. We define “photo” chat as being a format where instead of the typical avatars, the user has a control box where their profile photo’s are available to click and attach to their chat post.

Internal search engine integration.

Photo hosting/blogging & web blog hosting (also, I would like to ability for a one button “easy print format” to consolidate and create a printable journal for the user’s specific timeframe to print as a nice journal).

Website tour page(s) with screen shots.

Resource page (where additional resources can be posted by us: docs, .pdfs, photos, HTML, links, etc…).

Bulletin board (where the company can easily post news for the user to view (might be easer to have a section in the forum product for this idea).

Resume hosting (live pull up for users to view in web browser as .pdf resume or .doc). Also, maybe a template website application/data entry form where the information could be inputted by the user and submit converting such into a resume viewable or printable.

A user contributed rating system (rating specific items) Design idea, a 5 or 10 question fill in the blank circle for preset questions (1 being the lowest and 5/10 being the highest). Need database creation to collect and analyze the data and display quantified results for users to view (averages). Also a system in place for specific information to be inputted and written rebuttal ability for the ranked item/user). Kind of like Ebay does with it’s ranking report card type system, where a user posts a comment and the one being commented on has the ability to place a rebuttal.

A database collection system to collect user inputted salaries on specific positions (we will define the positions). Making the collected information reported on a quick view one page spreadsheet type view. Averaging all the different inputted values and reporting the average in the set area as well as the statistics to arrive at that information (high and low numbers, numbers of users that contributed information, etc…). Product needs to have system in place to make necessary deletions/changes for extremely inflated or low values – misreporting. We have a design sketch for such a product.

Data cards; a set template that will display static company inputted information (photos and text data) and dynamic user contributable photos and information, with clickable link to display Google map of items location.

A user contributed forum (an organized and expansive one).

Google map plotting & integration with user contributed information

The ability for the website system to automatically email contacts in the users contact list (created by them) of update of position, journal, blog, photos, etc…– with link included in email to go directly to user’s personal page displaying latest map location, latest blog/journal, new photos Also, ability to input time frame and have trails to display past locations.

Google map plotting needs to have ability to display timeframe track (lines showing past to present track of tracked item/person).

We also like, and would like to integrate on people’s personal map pages, some sort of system similar to the following example

[url removed, login to view]

When people make their journal entries, they can put specific info on their map for others to see or for their own recollection.

Need full world geocoding database integration with Google maps service. US geocoding database already available for free, international requires more effort to create (labor intensive section in project). A system where the user types a location in and the geocoding database translates the information in Lat and Long to be plotted on the Google Maps system.

A good example of the map system data entry we are looking for, please refer to; [url removed, login to view]

Ability for index (main front page that all users will first see) page to display LARGE world Google map with all publicly (non-secure tracked items) available items being tracked to be displayed. Clickable for user to receive more detailed information on specific item (item data cards – referred to later in project description).

We want two systems; one system where general non-registered users and registered users can plot an items location on a public map for all to see. Will need to create a data input system where people can add items and search for existing tracked items. Also to be developed a spreadsheet listing that has a alphabetical (or some other criteria) list of all the items being tracked with clickable links to gain more information (data cards).

The second system will be secure plotting that only people allowed by the user will see the info (i. e. the auto email list of people with the secure link and registered users allowed through direct permission (friends list). We also would like on the registration page a check box that can be selected to automatically allow this for the start.

A great resource for some wonderful Google map technologies and geocoding database examples that might be nice to research/intergrate please refer to;

[url removed, login to view]

Need web traffic statistics integration service or personal integrated application/system (service like Mint or the like).

Password protected design editable user personal page (personal map (Google maps), personal blog, internal email box, IM, contact details, photo book, user defined currency quotes, user defined stock quotes, user selected time zones, personal calendar/date management system, and a friends list that will display live links to other user personal pages (similar to [url removed, login to view] friends list design). If possible, a system where the user can easily create their own personalized website (again following the [url removed, login to view] model).

Internal message system (for users to send and receive messages internally) I am also open to instant messaging and email integration systems/applications (sort of a repeat from the “Mailbox Function” description above).

A friend map that plots all listed friend’s locations on a map (with clickable ability to view specific info – personal pages).

World time clock page (example: ttp://[url removed, login to view]

User defined world time reporting in personal page.

Current world exchange rate sheet with all currencies listed on one page. Possibly a currency exchange rate conversion calculator integration.

User defined exchange rate reporting in personal page.

An editable classifieds (clean and simple like [url removed, login to view] with ability to post photos in ad).

Wiki type (user contributed handbooks section).

Advertising security feature (like on [url removed, login to view] when you try and sign up it give you a series of numbers and letters to enter with a design background. I would like this or some other system to prevent click fraud.

Database to collect contact information and display (at request of user) in publicly viewable contact information book web application.

Internal webmaster database for demographic data collection (initial user registration user name and email address only). Later, if user wants to use more services, a more in depth information form will be filled out (age, nationality, etc…). Will be collected and automatically generated by system for use in creating general average demographic data for advertisers to view (see stat examples from following link);

[url removed, login to view]

Need to establish multiple business email accounts (accessible via Microsoft Outlook and web).



A store that can display our available products for sale through direct website purchase. A company friendly site where we can add and remove items as the inventory changes.

A shopping cart.

A check out system.

A database to collect this information and neatly send/display the items purchased, shipping information, etc, to our shipping department.


Most of the above product requests have existing design sketches in place, so the initial creative input will be less. However, there are some areas that need improvement and we are always open and encourage design suggestions.

Existing pre-developed website template incorporation is okay (will save on time and money). It may be used as long as you have a site license or tell me why it can be used legally.

For future note; my ambition is to use this initial design as a cookie cutter for currently three other projects, with some slight tweaking and additional sub-products (which is included in this contract bid). After the primary site is established, the next efforts will be to create the new websites using the existing structure. Using the same backend technology, designs, and applications; however they will be completely separate websites with different users.

I also want a corporate site (domain already purchased and registered)

An example of the information I would like to have included and integrated please refer to the following example (traffic stats, rate cards, etc…);

[url removed, login to view]

Also integrated in the corp. site; a section that can display photos (large volume) for sale. A system where our photographers can easily post their photos (not the full image, rather a small low quality version – using the same conversion system as describe above).

Section where we can post press releases, media kits, ad contracts, etc… With an easy posting system for the webmaster.

An automatic billing (credit card) structure for online purchases of photos, ad space, etc… We will establish the accounts and such. We would just need you guys to integrate the coding into the corporate section. We will possibly use the Paypal coding for direct purchases.

Already developed and ready for integration;

Web domain names

User terms of service (to be included in footer of site as well as a clickable format when a user subscribes)

All Logos

Initial website design sketches

Most of the information/content

Most of the design ideas (completely open for other designs)

Issues to be resolved;

Development timeframe?

100% Development cost quotes?

The logistics behind the actual development process?

Quality assurance?

Availability of developer to maintain and work any bugs for a period of time after site(s) have gone live (2 months worth to be included in development quote)?

The question of the ability for a non-development/website expert to maintain?

Server issues (costs, traffic volume, quickly upgradeable if needed, process for upgrading such, costs for designing and purchasing our own servers, etc…)?


If, after reading this description, you feel your company has the resources available to complete this project then please bid.

The chosen party will have all references and past completed projects checked, and will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We are preferably looking for someone with a high [url removed, login to view] rating.

Once I have received the signed NDA, We will have a telephone interview/discussion and determine if we can help each other. I will then forward my design sketches and website information for your review and the project will begin.

Payment will be made through PayPal or Credit Card.

I hope this project description is detailed enough to give you a good idea of what we want. I look forward to you joining our team.

I have included a .pdf version of the requirements for easy printing.



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