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Looking for professional, knowledgeable and respected programmers to develop a new, cutting-edge “Social Network” concept. There is a possibility that the project will lead into further areas of development, meaning that we are looking for a reliable company to establish a long term relationship with. All areas of the networking site will use features which are found on other “Social Networks” such as Profiles, Private Message, Member Search, Comment Feeds, and the ability to share and upload files.

We are aiming for a more simplified approach to the social networking side of the site in terms of the structure (how twitter is more simple than facebook), and would also like the site to offer mini web applications within the users profile. Basically we are interested in setting up a scenario where the user can create Discussion Groups, in a similar way to a forum, but more personalised. We would like to create mini applications like an interactive calendar/organiser, contact lists, notepad, daily schedule and a few more. We would also like to incorporate interactive applications which pop up with friendly reminders such as Healthy eating tips, and so on.

The add friend scenario will not be like facebook/myspace where the user can request friends and accept/deny friends, but more so like a twitter experience where users can choose to follow others without acceptance. Although we will still keep a PM service which is open to the public to send/receive messages from one another. The main network feed between users will also be more integrated like a twitter feed, but with the ability to upload simple document files.

As for design, my team and I will develop designs and logo, and will provide you with the necessary .psd documents once completed. I assume we would be able to discuss the necessary structure of this development before we develop the designs, this would allow us to provide you with 100% documentation before you begin the development stages. All designs will be provided for simple breakdown of the development, and we will provide as much information as needed for you to complete the project to a satisfactory level (High Quality). We would like you to develop this project alongside us from the ground up, meaning we will need your advice and expertise into how a Social Networking platform can run smoothly and efficiently. Once we accept a bid for this project more information will be released as to the “Branding” of the project, which will indicate a clearer idea of the project at hand.

As we are unsure of the pros and cons of each scripting language, we will need you to inform us of how you see this project being developed and why that Scripting language would be suit our needs. This meaning we need to know why you may choose a PHP development over an asp .Net development or vice versa. Also, we would prefer you don't use pre-coded scripts to develop this project, but if you must, we will still need the rights to the final documents created for this project to be handed to us. Meaning we will own the project on completion, as well as and including all source files needed to run the project. Please NO Joomla or Wordpress for this project.

We would like to have the ability for users to share new Group creations and feed posts via their current facebook and twitter accounts if possible also. These would be simple posts on their fb and twitter accounts of no more than 140 characters indicating what they have done. Is this a possibility, and how easy is it to develop?

Here is a basic structure of the project as we see it :

- Home page/landing page - Containing sign up form and sign in forms, which then lead to

- Profile page - containing members information such as name, age, location, and other specific information which will be discussed later. Profile page also contains the ability to view friends, view their PM inbox status, etc. Will also feature the latest notifications which will be derived from what they have logged in their calendar application

- Schedule – A weekly timetable for events

- Calendar – the ability to add details and times to the calendar, also would be good if this could link to iCal and Google Calendar but this isn't a necessity.

- PM inbox - send and receive messages to friends in network

- Friends page - shows network of friends on the website. Showing where they are located in the world through the use of “national flag” icons in the corner of their avatar.

- Search page/forms - find other members and groups of the networking site. Simple click and join/add feature here

- Group pages - set up group pages which allow people to discuss a specific topic.

We would also like to add other mini applications such as “to do list” and a notepad etc.

We would also need the ability to administrate this Network from a back end perspective, giving us access to manage profiles, accounts, groups etc as necessary. This is something we are unfamiliar with and would like to further discuss also.

We aim develop this in a manner which is simple to use, understand and develop. Keeping costs to a minimum for all parties involved in the development process, and finding a way to make it easily accessible and usable by its members.

We would like to have proof of your experience in the following sectors:

- development of previous Social Networking platforms

- developing websites with framework in a very systematic and modular way

- using facebook and twitter api

- importing contacts via current email systems (GMAIL, Yahoo Mail etc.)

Please contact us with relevant previous experience, including links to other developments you have worked on.

*** Please only apply if you are in this category: highly qualified and experienced developers ***

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