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OS commerce modifications

OK first of all this is for bidders that are expert only for OS commerce, as this site is live and is advertised on TV and we cannot afford this site to go down. So again for OS commerce expert bidders only. Also I require someone that speaks good english as communication will be important. This is a rush job that needs to get started right away.

Ok I own the site [url removed, login to view] and here are the modifications I need to get done on this site:

- first wehre it says best sellers, there are several ones in there, I only want to see 1 or 2 to make room for 2 graphics logos that will be added there in the left column and 2 videos that are ready to put online as well. those videos won't play until we press play.

- Every time you go to a detail page of a product for example [url removed, login to view] I want to see a demo video on that page, a video that is ready that I will provide you with. It will be static no need to have it linked to the admin page, it will be updated right from the code, it will be the same demo video for all products no exeption, again it will start only when we press play. Sort of youtube style or if you have a better idea I am fine with tht as well.

- on the main page, we can see 4 products that are diplayed, they are the latest added product, now instead of 4, I want to see 9 products in smaller boxes, basically 3 rows of 3 products. smaller to fit it all in there. you are allowed to make it look better if you have good ideas.

- Also I want a mini survey when you checkout, something very simple, a drop down menu with option to choose from, only 1 option can be selected. The question will always be the same and will never change, its a static question, its "where did you hear from us? " and I want to be able to add myself some answers that will apear in the drop down menu, like news paper, tv commercial, magazine etc... and all the answers compile in the admin, so all I wil see is example newspapaper = 20 hits, magazine = 10 hits. I don't need to know who clicked what, I just care about the total.

- There is a free and existing module from the OSC contribution website that allow me form the admin to give either in % or in $ a discount to a particular client, so when he shop, at the monent of the checkout time, when he logs in the discount pre set in his account will apply on the total price, also this module comes with a coupons system, so I can create any discount coupon and when someone checkout he enters this coupon number and the diiscount applies. Again this module exist so no need to write the code its just to get it and install it.

- I need you to take an existing page like: [url removed, login to view] for example, rename it, call it [url removed, login to view] and remove all the content that is in the middle, leave it blank, just keep the menu on the left and the rest make it blank with a simple html table with nice fine borders, and I will myself add links in there, just html link. So you don't need to code anything on that page, just take an existing page, remove the content but keep the left menu and add a basic html table so I can myself form the code directly add html links in there, it doens't need to be connected to the admin at all.

- Last thing, I need you to install another module that allows me to sell on my site gift certificate, so people can buy them and when they use them they are gone and cannot be used anymore. Those must be in dollar only, no %.

That is it, also I will be seeking a new programer that is very reliable and that I can see often online either on MSN or yahoo and skype that speaks good english that can take quick jobs according to his availability of course. I pay every jobs I have 10/10 and I intend to keep it this way as I beleive that its very important to keep a good work relationship with every good providers.

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