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OSC.: Stock control mods


I´m working with a little programming for stock-status.

Here I need two more options than the standard.

"Allow checkout" is now set to false if out of stock.

But on the following two options I need it to "Allow checkout" if stock is 0:

One is "orderbased" where product only is taken home if ordered.

Two is: When out of stock but is coming home.

Also on those two options I need a status on checkout which explains customers that it will be shipped out when on stock.




Note is that I use QtPro to control stock-attributes - on some products.




link in attachment.

Based on: "Allow checkout" = false, if stock 0.

What I want is to have 4 options for ordering:

1: More than 0 stock in "products_quantity" = can order. (works now)

2: 0 stock in "products_quantity" = cannot order. (works now)

3: 0 stock in "products_quantity" + "products_date_available" which is above the current date = can order. (This means that product is coming back on stock)

4: 0 stock in "products_quantity" + y in "orderbased" = can order ("orderbased" is and extra field in table "Products". If "y" (yes) then it can be ordered.)

Option 3 and 4 currently does not allow checkout.

Your job is to make this possible.

I would also like an extra status for customers when using option 3 and 4.

I reefer here to "Admin - Stock - "Mark product out of stock"". Currently when a customer adds a product which is not on stock he/she gets:


Products marked with *** dont exist in desired quantity in our stock.

Please alter the quantity of products marked with (***), Thank you


I would like it to be something like:


The product marked with "3+4" will be shipped out when on stock.

You can order this product. No additional shipment will later be added to your order.





on my product_info I currently have two outputs in combination with the before mentioned 4 options:

output A: Availability date: (which simply outputs from products_date_available)

output B: Deliverytime: (outputs from static table "deliverytime".)

Currently on option 3 and 4 then "Output B:Deliverytime" calculates the time between the current date and "output A:Availability date."

*** For you to program:

If there is no "A:Availability date" or its later than current date then this calculation should not happen.

And only B:Deliverytime should output.

Currently A: "Availability date" (from table: products_date_available) is programmed to shown only when 0 stock.

*** If option 2 is active then you should program "Availability date" to output: "unknown". And program B to not show.

When using option 3 + 4 I would like you to program to show the text:

"Order now and get it on:" (products_date_available).




It currently reflects a bit of the status on product_info.

I would just like it to also show "Order now!" when option 3-4.

Thats it!

I need a talented osc-programmer (programmer in general) to work with as I have many small jobs each week.

Now and then I do have larger assignments.

So if your talented,reliable and can keep a deadline then I look forward working with you!


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