This project is to finish this project currently running on

[url removed, login to view]

Login: Admin

pass : 1234656

the last coder decided he didnt wanted to finish it and preferred the money instead. Hence i am having to post again. The code and database has been uploaded have a look to test the code.

Please break down the info below. You will see the coder has done some of the things and not all. He has a basic working verity only.


Whats missing


Also I want to be able to send purchase requests from the database to the stored email of the supplier and also print to PDF supplier info and purchase requests made.

To send purchase request - here is the link (purchase request)

[url removed, login to view];cmd=request_form

After filling the form fields and hit the submit button it will be mailed to suppliers and finally a PDF page will come up.

Note: who do you want to send the purchase order --- to registered supplieres or to stored email of suppliers.

NOTE : I would like to print the order and send to another user on the system, the other user will be a purchaser in China. I can print the order for my reference or store as PDF (same thing). Also he can print the order and simply needs to pick up the phone or email the suppliers the order. When the goods arrive he can simply tick off the order as the are delivered. I will also have a PDF copy when the goods land in the UK I can mark them as received on my PDF purchase order. The purchase order didn’t need to be sent to suppliers itself only to another user in the system. We will contact suppliers ourselves. But it will print supplier info and contact details as well as price for the list of orders.

I want an easy to use system for storing information on suppliers and then be able to search it and send order requests to our office abroad.

Already explained above

Do you need a page to store suppliers information and a page to search those information.

NOTE : Sir I want the page to show product. Supplier information and price.

[url removed, login to view];cmd=edit_item&id=3

here the supplier email. Phone. Address and others details should be able to be entered and stored. Perhaps we can do it so when a supplier makes an account those details are already added to everything they upload and preconfigured. (I notice it shows here [url removed, login to view];cmd=search_product maybe we can make it bold or a different colour make it easier to see)

NOTE: Another thing, in the mail that you send yesterday i found the following issue, can you please explain more in detail.

Here are the line that is not clear to me

there must be away to create a purchase order as well as an information place to add contact name, supplier company name, supplier adress and supplier contact

We have page for creating purchase order

(top menu >>> purchase request: [url removed, login to view];cmd=request_form)

NOTE : Sir I want a way I can add new products myself and request a price and supplier be found. This will need to allow for a picture of the product to be uploaded. If I send the new item request to a user on the system ( the purchaser in china) he should be able to fill the request and allocate from the request to supplier database. Also if I find a supplier I should also be able to do it. Take it off request and into products.

So now at the top we have


Add product

Search product

Order Basket

Supplyer Info (spelling is Supplier info)

Create account

All account


We should also be able to have a request column. That the top 2 level users can see. (The bottoms level can only add products and supplier details from themselves)

Also sir we should have a way to browse all products and categories not search only by clicking.

If there is something that needs to be cleared please do not hesitate to contact me. Once again I would like to thank you again for your magnificent work and superb product management.

Also sir maybe we could make a basic CMS module to change this page.


would also like bottom users and above to be able to post product requests. We have some small wholesale accounts they can post their request there.



We are looking to make a supplier database online I think this can be done in PHP and SQL

The idea of the database is so we can add suppliers into it and then search for an item we need in the search and it will bring up that supplier.

We would also like to give suppliers a login via a registration form and a manual create account facility the site should auto email the register login details as well as handle lost passwords.

We would like the items added to the database to be able to be stored in category and sub category.



The database should then show something like this

CHINA WEB [url removed, login to view]




White bed painted


One bed one cardbox








WEB [url removed, login to view]

I want the database to have 3 levels of login

Admin this level can create add and remove products as well as make new accounts They can make categories and sub categories

USER this level can add and remove products They can make categories and sub categories

SUPPLIER this level can only login and add their own products, however cannot view other products. They can make categories and sub categories

Also I want to be able to make request list, this list. Whereby I can add a list of products needed and qty using a add to order button and it can be passed to someone on the user level. Also I want to be able to send purchase requests from the database to the stored email of the supplier and also print to PDF supplier info and purchase requests made.

I want an easy to use system for storing information on suppliers and then be able to search it and send order requests to our office abroad.

Someone who has done something like this should be able to help with layout and usability. The login page and other areas should show our company logo the system needs to be robust and look professional it must be possible also to back up all data.

The site will be installed on a VPS and run on a subdomain.

Additional information submitted:

01/04/2009 at 12:48 EST:

Product pics also need to be stored. As well as any PDF or similar the supplier wants to upload

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