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Google Analytics Data Extractor

My site has far more than 500 urls so Google's daily emails to me showing my Google Analytics stats doesn't give me the total picture because thousands of urls are not in the "top 500".

Additionally, I have several web sites with lots of urls.

My project is to create something that will do a daily download of ALL my url hits. Give me the data on the traffic data on the thousands of urls rather than only the "top 500".

I am aware that this data can be extracted by logging into Google Analytics and downloading it manually. That is fine, except that it takes up a lot of time doing this every day for the number of sites that I have.

I am primarily concerned with the various "Content" reports such as "Top Content", etc. I would like to get every ounce of data from Google Analytics though, but these generally do not cross the "500" limit, so I can get this via the information that is already emailed to me by Google.

In summary, here is what I want line by line:

1. A program which will daily extract ALL url data from the Google Analytics data. Including data above the 500th row.

2. I want the extracted data to be for a specific day. That way I can combine reports it generates to know exactly what happened via the urls on a day by day basis.

3. Either email me this data or create a text file which I can utilize. Optimally simply create a text file.

4. The file format should be the same or very similar to either the CSV or XML formats that Google already provides.

5. I would need to be able to specify any number of urls to access with the tool. These would change over time.

6. It would be fine if the method for adding or subtracing urls was simply through a text or XML file. There does not need to be an interface.

7. I understand that the tool would only work with access to my account, so it would need to be secure so that it wouldn't leak out my account information.

8. It would be ok if I had to manually run the application as long as the application then "ran" without any further input from me. In other words, I'm fine with "pushing a button" each day, but that is the maximum amount of time I want to spend once I have the application.

9. The application can be either Linux, Mac, or Windows. I prefer Linux, but it would be fine to be in either of the others.

10. I would want full source code so the application could be validated by our in house programmers to not contain a back door or other type of vulnerability.

11. Any programming language can be used.

Kemahiran: .NET, Pengaturcaraan C, Linux, Perl, PHP

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