Need a click generator program written

General: I need a fake click generator which send unique hits from a website! The script should not only send hits, but also click on a link within the target site! How it should work: Clicks from different IPs (using proxies from a list) and carrying a fake referrer to a target url then click a link to leave the target site again (the link is always the 3rd link on the target site, so a search for the third 'href' will do the job) Features: read a Proxy-list from .txt file define number of hits (visitors to send) for every hit use a new proxy from the list fake browser (User_Agent) - To test the script name them simply agent1, 2, 3 and so on) fake referring sites (Referer) set browser language randomly (no need to cover all languages, the 5-10 most used ones is enough) the script must be able to handle cookies (MEANS: it should accept cookies when the target site is entered and must deliver it back to the site upon request. The cookies must be deleted after the target site is left - so it´s not present anymore, when the target site is entered a second time) should run on a server (linux) using php or perl/cgi, OR a desktop-version using Visual Basic! If you´ll code in php or cgi, the script should be able to handle query_strings (post) for: number of clicks to send, proxy to use (like: IP:Port), referrer url, targeturl, url_to_click (means: the leave link on the targeturl), user_agent, browser language So i can code a desktop admin myself and post the query to the script! If you want to test your script while developement, I can provide you with a target url wich I will setup for this purpose only! (I said target url - this is not the place where your script will be installed, but the url of the target site, duh) Also I can code a simple desktop proggy, to send the query to your script (in this case you should tell me how you´ll name the variables)!

Kemahiran: Perl, PHP

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