Traffic generator

So, the main goals of the script must be:

- using country targeted IP's or proxies (?) to send hits. The

hits must looks like country specific for the counters geo

tracking. I can supply the ip's.

- The counters shows the used keywords by the time of search. My

counter have this option to sort viewers by the keywords, which

they are using to find the site. So, the keywords must be shown

in the counter. If that's not possible to be simulated, scipt

must crawl google for the keywords and follow the links. Or maybe

using curl will skip google crawling and simulate google

refering. So, i will search in google for my keywords, copy the

google refering url, add it to the script refering database and

repeat that for all keywords. The script will rotate this

refering pages, when sending hits. But i need the keywords to be

shown on the counter too.

- By the same way i must have secondary refering database, where

to save non-google refering urls. They will rotate too, when

sending hits.

- Also this script must work with no refer option too, so to

looks like direct hit.

- When i send hits i must have possibility to choose between this

three refering options.

- My counter shows which users which pages visiting - so, the

script must visit different pages, choosing them randomly.

- The next important thing, showed in the counters, are browser

types, so the script must do that too.

- Between the hits must have time intervals.

- Option to enter the exact number of hits to be sended.

- Option to enter the time intervals between the hits. This

intervals will be different in the process of hit generating. And

i must can to adjust the intervals manualy. Like this example:

30sec, 1min, 10sec, 3min.

So, if i want to send 50 hits and enter the above intervals, the

script will randomly make the intervals, when choose random which

interval to use for every hit.

- URLs, keywords, referals, IP's must be able to be added/changed


- Some statcounters showing screen res, OS, colour depth. So, its

good this script to provide this info too.

- The script must have web interface (password protected) or to

be desktop application (personally i prefer this).

Kemahiran: ASP, Perl, PHP, Python, Memasang Skrip

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