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225655 Simple Product Database

I'm looking to make an online database system for keeping track of the sales I make with my simple online store. Basically I'd like to be able to ever day be able to just add each order to the system manually. Nothing too exciting. There really only needs to be two main tables of data and then I'd like a few different report pages. One little "catch" is that I'd like to generate some nice product sales reports for clients that own specific products that we sell. When we sell someone else's product we agree on a percentage of profit to pass over to them. So like if we sell a musicians CD on our website, we'll tell them that they'll get 60% of the profit of the sales on that CD. The logic gets a little fun here because people might buy 1 CD from one musician and 2 from another musician and get a discount on the entire order because they bought 3 products. The logic really isn't all that hard, all we need is to calculate what the % discount for the order was, and then subtract that from the profit for each CD and give the 60% profit of the adjusted profit amount to the musician.

I know this might sound complicated but it's really not. I'm not looking for an expensive project here. I just want someone that is good with databases and logic to make me something functional and efficient.

I started making this in MSAccess and it's actually working ok, but I know it could be a lot better. Right now there is no easy way to add new products. Since I have a linux hosting account, I'd like to make this new system in PHP/MySQL but I'd be up for doing it in another language as well.

Please communicate well in regards to how you see this project working. The more you communicate specifically about my project in your post the better chance you have about getting this project.

Here's how I see it.



1) Table with data about each order.







Type of purchase:

Paid: (yes/no)

Full Amount Paid:

Billing Fees Paid:

Shipping Fees Paid:

And what they purchased:

2) Table with data about the products.

Short Product Name:

Full Product Name:

Product Description:

Product Cost:

Product Weight:

Product Retail Price:

Associated Owner 1:

Percentage Profit for Owner 1:

Associated Owner 2:

Percentage Profit for Owner 2:

Associated Owner 3:

Percentage Profit for Owner 3:

Associated Owner 4:

Percentage Profit for Owner 4:



All report should have a time frame filter so we can see orders by month or by week or for a specified time frame.

1) Total Stock Report

This report would basically just track how much inventory we have on hand and how many of each product have been sold / produced.

2) Total Sales Report

This report would be for us to see our sales, costs, and profit for everything we've sold. This report should also be able to (multi-select) filter the result by the specific "Type of Purchase" field, for us to see sales online vs in store and stuff like that.

3) Associated Owners profit reports

This would be a place for each associated owner to come in and see how many of their product has been sold and how much profit they have made on their products. This report would look a lot like the "Total Sales Report" except that it would just be related to product owned by a certain person.



1) Orders

Here is where we put in each order information.

2) Product

Here is where we add new products.

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