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Hello, as many of you know we have posted this before but we did not have the details like we do now and are finally ready to get this project started. you will be working closely with designers and are not responsible for creating graphics or basic page layouts and coding. The sites you can refer to for the idea we are going for are [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], and PLEASE DO NOT JUST GO TO THESE SITES AND THINK THAT IS WHAT WE WANT. YOU MUST READ THE DOCUMENTATION TO FULLY UNDERSTAND. Please read the documentation that is attached. I encourage those who submitted to the previous projects submit to this one if your still interested.


I have also copied and pasted the attached document below for those who do not have microsoft word:

Teen Community Project

The project details below is only to make you familiar with the site functionality. You are not responsible for any of the graphic design or page design. Your job is to only do the scripting/coding to allow the site to function how it is intended.

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly encouraged. You will be working very closely with the designers.

Site Objective

[url removed, login to view]™ provides a web community for fans of the entertainer that is hip, yet wholesome and a cool place for teens (8 to 18) online.

Raphael York is hip and wholesome with high self-esteem and lots of confidence. He has many interests and always strives to do his best. He provides a positive role model for everyone, especially teens letting them know all things are possible.

Site Features

• Navigation

Similar to the side bar at [url removed, login to view] this website will have a navigation menu with the following sections:


Under the My Stuff section is the following places:

Points/tokens (shows how many points/tokens user has earned and what contests they have entered)

Locker (this is where content is stored that the user has saved. For example if they were playing a dress up game and clicked the save option in the game it would save the image in the players locker. Anything in the players locker has the option of being emailed, submitted to a contest or being deleted.

My Stickers/Badges (Shows badges/stickers members have won or bought. Members can click on a badge or sticker to make it their avatar.)

Manage Account (Allows members to change their password and email address as well as change their avatar or “badge/sticker” that represents them and also their public details)

tell a friend (Allows users to get points when they refer friends to [url removed, login to view])


Join Club Raphael (This page allows users to become a member of the site. They enter things like name, email and create a screen name and password. The emails are saved to allow newsletters to be sent to emails.)

About the Club (this page gives information about the club)

NOTE ABOUT LOGIN FEATURE: Users must log in to view the content of the webpages. If the user goes to any other webpage other then the about the club or Join Club Raphael page they will be told that they have to be a member to access that page and will be asked to register. One a user is registered and logged in their screename and current points are displayed where the login panel was.

2. Raphael

Under the Raphael section will be:

Raphael's photo Gallery

Raphael's video Library

Raphael's media articles

Raphael's discography

3. Games

Under the games section it will show the different games and the top players with the most points. These points are the same as the points/tokens system through out the site. It will only list the players avatar, screen name, age and state. Members can click on a users avatar or screen name to view the badges/stickers they have earned and to view their public profile/information. See this page for reference: [url removed, login to view]

4. Create/Share

Under the create section members have the following options.

Submit Fan art (Members are able to upload a picture to submit to site)

Submit Story (on this page there is a large box where you are able to copy, paste and enter text. You must also enter a topic from the drop down list and the title of the article/story. The member has the option to save this to their locker, print it, or submit it. See this page for reference: [url removed, login to view]

Submit Poll

(See this page for reference [url removed, login to view] )

5. Magazine

This is the news feature of the site. We do not know what type of content manager to use. We are thinking of using wordpress because we want something that can be easily updatable with different categories and able to archive past articles. Any suggestions are appreciated.

6. Contests

The contest menu will allow users to cash in their tokens/points to enter different contests to win prizes. One the user has entered a contest they can see what contests they have entered by going to the points/tokens menu under the mystuff section.

(See this page for reference [url removed, login to view] )

7. Shop

This menu will allow users to buy virtual items as well as real ones. We need to come up with a way similar to [url removed, login to view] where one the user purchases this virtual item it gets added to their inventory where their stickers/badges are kept. Like the stickers/badges they can make these virtual items their avatar as well by clicking on them.

8. Pop List

This page displays a list of the users with the highest points/tokens.

It displays from the highest to the lowest 25 players. It shows the current amount of points/tokens, the users avatar and screename and where they are from. A user visiting the page can click on a avatar or screename to view the users inventory. (See this page for reference [url removed, login to view] )

9. Extras

This page just contains things like downloads for the user that are free like wallpapers and icons etc.


Your responsible in making sure that all desired features are possible and done in the most logical way. We are open to your suggestions on how you think things should work.

You are responsible for:

• Member registration and login in functions

• Point system and inventory functions

• Making sure all codes/scripts are polished. Cleaned and easy to edit.

• Making sure users are able to register, login, earn points, spend points and make sure their information is stored safely so when they log back into the site their inventory & points and everything else are just the way they left it.

We should have some sort of control panel where we are able to view all the registered users and send them out newsletters or ban members if needed etc.

• Communicate with the designers and be committed to listening and taking an interest in the site making sure we execute it the best way possible.


• Graphic designing

• Page layout such as the structure and coding. You are not responsible in putting the page together, you just have to go in and add the scripting functions etc.

This document was intended to give you an idea of how we want the site to work.

The system we are going for is fairly simple. We are not looking to create a type of social network like myspace or facebook so please understand that and realize we are just making a website with some cool user functions. You will be working closely with the designers so communication is the key. Again any ideas, suggestions are greatly encouraged.

The web hosting service is by YAHOO. Yahoo allows some of the best features you can use PHP and MySQL to develop a data-driven site, build advanced applications with Perl, and use any of the advanced add-ons (which are based on these scripting tools). Basically Yahoo allows you to do anything.

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