Wanted: Software Products For Niche Markets -- 50/50 Profit Sharing!




Attention Software Developers: How Would You Like To Really

Profit With Your Software Skills?

Forget having someone hire you to code something and pay you peanuts while THEY make the real money in marketing it.

Let me let you in on a secret almost no software developers know: the real money is not in the coding of software, the money is in the MARKETING of software.

Think about Bill Gates. He got someone else to do the original MS-DOS and then he marketed it properly to IBM. He's a billionaire because he MARKETED the software. What happened to the guy who originally coded MS-DOS? Well, he's certainly not sitting atop billions of dollars. Bill Gates is.

My point is that to make the real money, you need someone to take your wonderful software products and sell them to the world. That's where I come in. I'm an expert at marketing. I'm looking for a few professionally-coded, finished software products I can take and market to niche markets.

Let me be more specific about what I'm looking for:

1.) The software must be unique (Pop-up stoppers are a dime a dozen. I'm not looking for these "commodity" types of programs. I'm looking for software programs unlike any other.)

2.) The software should be targeted toward a niche market (I am not Microsoft so I'm not going after everybody and their dog. I'm looking for software that provides a solution to a niche market that I can target. My goal is to "shoot fish in a barrel" by being "the only game in town". In other words, I want software that solves a problem in a small niche market that has no competition in sight.)

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## Deliverables

3.) The software must be professionally written. It must have well-documented code and be as bug-free as possible.

4.) The software must be have excellent online help and support system. Online training videos would be nice. The better the help/training system, the lesser burden on customer support later on. This is essential.

If you don't have any finished software products that fit the above criteria, that's fine. I have some hot ideas that are ready to be developed into best-selling software products. We can still work out a joint venture where you create the software and I market it.

Here's what I'm offering you. You and I split the profits 50/50. What you bring to the table is your software development skills. What I bring to the table is my marketing skills. I handle creating the website, writing the killer sales copy (i.e., the promotional material), and marketing the product. We both invest our time and energy but no money. Then get ready to collect tidy sums of cash on an ongoing basis.

If this is at all appealing, you have to contact me right now because thousands upon thousands of coders are reading this message and I'm only going to cherry pick the best 4 products to market. Any more and I'll be overwhelmed. I want to give enough attention to each software product to make it a big hit. I want it to make both you and me some big money.

Look -- I've got the proprietary marketing system in place to take your software and make us both staggering sums of money. All I need are some hot-to-go software developers who have fresh software programs or who are willing to custom code for me in return for a "piece of the pie".

I'm a No-BS straight shooter who is ready to rock and roll starting right now. Everything we do will be formalized and in writing. So open up your email program and send me an email with your thoughts to kent@[url removed, login to view] . Do it now. You'll be glad that you did.


Kent Sayre

President, Unstoppable Publishing Corporation

P.S. If you have a hot product and want to market it yourself but are confused about how to start, send me an email and I can work with you on a 1-to-1 consulting basis. Email me at kent@[url removed, login to view] right now.

P.P.S. If you wait to contact me, you'll miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and the other coder will sneak in and take your spot! Don't let that happen to you. Contact me right now at kent@[url removed, login to view] with your thoughts.

## Platform

Kemahiran: .NET, Adobe Flash, ASP, Pengaturcaraan C, Cold Fusion, Java, Javascript, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, XML

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