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Php problem - Splitting characters in multibyte


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I have one problem on splliting Japanese characters. I noticed that using the Japanese language to be passed in a form, it removes all the blank spaces, so for example, if you pass these words i a japanese: "this is an example", it outputs: "thisisanexample" once passed?? but there is a code in php that splits them, since japanese language uses MB characters, right?

then using the MB characters? How will I differentiate a character from other characters in a sentence?

this is the case:

in a form: if in japanese, you passed "this is an example" and outputs "thisisanexample", i need to split this to:

split 1: this

split 2: is

split 3: an

split 4: example

I have used the mb_split() but was unsucessful

in this function:

mb_split(string pattern, string string[, int limit]);

i tried to play on that function, but im unlucky.. my problem here is the "string pattern" ... i cant figure out what is the string pattern that separates one character from the other.. ?

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