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Hi. I wanted to see about you guys possibly making some PHP software for us? It is for our NON-PROFIT Teenage Youth Group for kids high school age. We have very little money to spend on this, maybe if we paid a low price, you could put links back to you on it? If its good, I could definately get some other youth groups to buy it also.

This is kind of what we need:

If we could make it something where the person can do all configuring etc etc through a web based program, and you could do the thing with cpanel emails (i explained it at the bottom), then maybe we could pay more as we could charge for this as a hosted service, instead of just selling the script to other youth groups.

Either way, you can have advertising in it.

We already have the site we'd need it to work with at [url removed, login to view] but we'd want the code so its basically includes, so if we ever change the design of our website, we can just pop in the includes and it'll still work fine. Thanks.

(all parts will tie into eachother)

*Events Calendar

-From the Admin Section for Youth Group Board Members, we can add our yearly events with date and Event name, we already have this setup and working, maybe the code could be used or just changed a little bit.

*Call List Maker+Manager

-We have a list of all kids in each grade (9,10,11,12) and everyyear when we tell it to, it deletes all the seniors (12th grade), and lets us add new freshmen. It has Name and Phone Number for each.

-Youth Group Advisors and President (different statuses) can assign youth group members to each board member, each member can only be assigned to one board person. Board person can login to admin section to retrieve their current call list.

-As the board members call through their call lists, they can add the person's RSVP (yes or no or possibly).

*RSVP Manager

-Board members can login and add a RSVP to each youth group member on a per event basis.

-Youth Group Members can go to the website, find themselves in our database by searching by last name or phone number and add their RSVP for events. Once they RSVP, it puts it into a 'need to verify' mode where a board member sees in their admin section that they need to call that person to verify that they actually RSVP'ed to the event.

-Any RSVP Status can be changed by President or Advisors of the Board

Just to clarify, our youth group website will need a few statuses

-Youth Group Advisors (Access Level 1) (Access to Everything)

-President (Access Level 2) (Access to EVERYTHING except changing Admin + Board Member Information)

-Board Members (Access Level 3) (Will be explained later)

-Youth Group Members (the people who view the website) (Access Level 4)


*When a user is trying to rsvp on the website, they would type in their last name and phone number to search for themselves, then the site gives them options of who they are (sometimes we have multiple kids with same phone number ie siblings) in SYG.

*Info to be stored about each member (Last Name,First, Phone, Grade, Email, access level, if their medical form and driving forms are turned in for the year.)

*Board Members+Higher need to be able to change any info about members(4) on their call lists (assigned to them)

*When access level 4 goes to website, selects themselves, RSVP's, it adds them to a list for the respective board member or Admin to call and verify that THEY RSVP'ed and that its real, once they verify, the board member or admin can mark it as RSVP'ed... ie when a user rsvp's through the website, it doesnt count as RSVP'ed until it gets verified, then its put into the RSVP'ed list

*Website sends emails to board members when they have an alert (approval) waiting.

*Admins can enter cost per event, how much we are charging members, website figures out how much we loose/make

* Admins can add extra paid (non-members) coming to events on a per event basis (also counted into the $ totals)

* Support for pre-paid events and if $ was collected by the due date

* SYG emails to members are sent from admin section (uses the email addresses we collected and added to each member, basically works like a mailing list

* Admins (1) can change list of Advisors, board members, and info about each.

* Admins (1+2) can change list of board members, and edit ANY AND ALL members

*Admins can enter misc info about events (RSVP person, info, in a text box which can be displayed to website visitors)

* Board Members (1,2,3) can enter both house numbers and cell phone (optional) for their members.

* Board Admins (1+2) can change news for SYG homepage

*Members who do not go to hebrew school can be added to the system (ie new syg members who pay their dues)

* Exports labels for printing mailing address labels?? (ms word), we can send you an example of how we would need them exported.

* Keeps tallies of amt of syg members currently , and displays it on syg homepage.

*if we can offer these to other youth groups pre-hosted ie not giving them access to the code, we would need it so the php script can login to cpanel and create, list and delete email forwarders.

Please let me know what you think can be done. Thanks...

Also, I own [url removed, login to view] and maybe we could work something out... I know I could get you a lot of custom PHP work business, including my biggest client who I designed and host his website, it needs PHP code changes all the time as we see fit.


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