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218222 Custom Script like My Space

I need a custom php script built and installed. In addition, the registration system needs to be integrated with a phpbb2 board. So that when the users register on this script they are automatically registered on the forum. On the other side, no one should be able to register using the forums registration system. So only people who register through the script would be registered on the forum.

This script will in some ways be like MySpace, but more simple. It will feature a master admin for the site owner, and user admin panels for those people who register on the site.


This script is allows people to register and create their own account. It will also feature captcha to help with spam. They will fill out a form with various fields. Which I will confirm with you.

Here are the fields I need so far.. (there might be a couple more)

first name

midde initial

last name


address (cont.)







password hint

Avatar (image upload) compressed image

branch of service (drop down) added, edited and removed from the master admin

division - (dropdown) added, edited and removed from the master admin

unit - text field

served in - (they will be able to check boxes) (added, edited and removed by the master admin)

This registration will feature a forgot your password feature where it will email them their username and password. They would just enter their email and it would send it to them.

We need a "my account page" so that the users can change all their info, add photos and a video and edit their page and make other changes.


The users can set up their own page where they can add, edit and remove the following things: their own pictures (up to 20) and 1 video clip and an unlimited blog section (title date and description area), they can also add upto 15 stories, their bio, and up to 10 links. They also need a place to add an avatar image. The avatar and all other images should be compressed. So that the original size photo is not there.. It's replaced with a compressed photo to save space on the server.. Also if they delete any photos or video or replace them it needs to delete the old ones so that it doesn't build up on the server. If anything other then jpg jpeg JPG or JPEG images are uploaded it would say upload jpeg images only. As for the bio, blog and story section we would like it to be able to recognize a link when typed in and have that link open in a new window by default. None of that should be wysiwyg however.

The user also has the option to make their page private. Then they can add to a list of people that are allowed to view their page. On the other side of that, they can block specific users. The other members can post messages on their page like MySpace. They have the ability to delete comments or reply to them if necessary on their page (if logged in). It would show the persons avatar next to their post. It would show the time and date they posted it. Their username and avatar would be a link to that person's personal page. The personal page would include a hit counter and show the total number of "battle buddies".

Send a message to member button.. The user can turn this off, or only make it visible to people on their buddy list. If turned it on it would be a button as link to their email address.


They can add people to their list and rank them.. It will show 10 on their personal page and then a link to a page to see all friends if they have more than that. They can search to add them.


MASTER ADMIN PANEL: This panel would allow a override to add, edit or remove a users. It would allows a place to add, edit, and remove, "wars served in" and "divisions".. These are simply a 1 name field and 1 description field. We also need to add, edit and remove a "branch of service" Which will give a name, description and image field.

Report this person. We need a button that says report this person.. This would send a email to the master admin's email with a subject Reporting (the person's username).

THE MAIN PAGE: The main page will show all branches of service with their name and image. This page also has a search field with a dropdown to search so they can look for members that way. Let's also show the 5 newest users on that main page. and also the 5 most popular users. This will show the avatars, the username and the total number of "Battle buddies".

If they click on a branch of service, it will show all the members under that branch--maybe 20 per page before going to page 2 and 3 and so on. If they click on a user it would take them to their personal page.

This script must have a search feature throughout on personal pages and on the main page to help find users.

I will provide page layouts for all pages.

This does not need a design.. but we need to add a [url removed, login to view] and a [url removed, login to view] to the script's pages so that I can apply a design later.

I need to work with someone that has good communication skills. Speaks english and no a beginner programmer. Also I want to work with someone who uses msn messenger. Please check your work for bugs so that we don't have to spend a bunch of time testing it.

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