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We operate a web based online dating service. We would like to expand by cloning our website for different niche groups. A coder worked for us and prepared the sql tables, and developed a common codebase to be used, where each clone, would access the common codebase, and common member base. The mods were almost complete but the coder is too busy to complete the project.

I am looking for help, to complete the project. Note: I will provide password and access for qualified contractors to review what has been done, in order to make their quotation.


1. Assess what has been done, and plan what is needed to complete.

Do as needed.

2. Write script so that visitors attempting to visit site_id = 1 will access the common codebase and database while accessing the unique url, data, graphics, css etc for site_id = 1, while at the same time visitors to site_id = 2 will also access the common codebase and database, but will see the url, data, graphics, css etc appropriate for site_id = 2


3. System_info mysql table

This table currently holds one record, which appears to be the source of site specific information and settings such as pricing, contact_email, user limitations etc. I think that there should be a unique record for each clone. And when a page is being viewed, or email sent that data should be parsed from this table that matches the relevant site_id.

I have added a record for site_id = 2. If this is ok, please mod all scripts that parse data from system_info to do so based on site_id

Note: in the next section mail_management table, I believe the best solution is to merge site specific variables, such as contact_email, site_name, site_url,and signature into the emails generated from mail_management table. I think the best location for these is here at system_info, so I have also taken the liberty to add site_name, site_url and site_signature to the system_info table. Feel free to delete or move these if this is not a good idea or you think there is a better location.

3. Mail_management mysql table

Various emails are sent to members from admin. They are triggered either by user action, (ie signup submitted, Say Hi received, message received,) or admin action, (ie admin approves member) or Cron file (ie expire notice, expire soon notice)

The text for these emails is stored at mail_management. Currently these messages all reflect site_id = 1. I suggest that mail_management be used as a common codebase for all emails, with site specific data parsed from system_info, and merged when emails are sent out. Site_id specific variables, such as contact_email, site_name, site_url,and signature could be inserted into these emails when they are generated. I have added site_name, site_url and site_signature fields to the system_info table. Contact_email is already there. Feel free to delete or move these if this is not a good idea or you think there is a better location.

I would ask you to modify the scripts which send emails, to be able to use data from both mail_management and system_info tables so that each email reflects the site that it came from. Some of the current messages have fields called (sitename) and {siteurl}. But these variables do not seem to be from any common sql table. I think that they are defined inside a script, and seem to be different depending upon which script is generating the email. Seems like sloppy programming by the software designer.

4. General_info mysql table

Site-specific meta tags, banner fields, etc whose data can be inserted when a page is viewed.

A. Custom Text. Please insert a record at general_info then to insert the following (similar) code on a page in the code base. If that is correct then I will append the records to general_info myself, and insert the code on .php pages as needed. If something else is needed on the page, please advise so I can add that also.


$sql = "SELECT * FROM general_info WHERE type='testimonial_meta_tags' AND site_id = '" . $CONFIG['site_id'] . "'";

$result = mysql_query($sql);

$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);

echo $row['value'];


B. Some of the records are site_id = 0. Does that make this the default data to be displayed when no data record with site_id = 1 or site_id= 2 is available?

C. I see the following code on most pages in the new/codebase

<title><?php echo $CONFIG['site_title']; ?> </title>

Where is the “site_title” data coming from? Is it unique for each page, or the same for all pages?. If it is the same, I would prefer to make it unique for each page.

Can I achieve it the same way (A above) is done? Or is there a better way. Please advise. Do you recommend the site_title records to be installed at general_info ?

5. new/[url removed, login to view]

The last time I checked, new/[url removed, login to view] would not display. Please correct so it displays properly.

6. Go Live, + trouble shoot live

When you are ready to go live please give me a day or more notice, and lets agree on a time when it will happen. I am not so worried about how site_id =2 will behave, but I am concerned that there may be a collateral issue that affects site_id =1. So I would like both of us to be on hand, for the hour after it goes live to immediately check the site to identify and handle any urgent issues that pop up.

Solve those then we will be done.

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