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NEED Expert vBulletin Programmer/user to help with integration of new features and VBSEO


I have a vbulletin forum running on my website.

The forum is beginning to get out of hand, and I would like an EXPERT with vbulletin to help me implement new features.

One forum that I saw that has excellent customization is [url removed, login to view] .. I would like more forum to be more visually appealing while matching the theme of the site. I know there are a LOT of free plugins at [url removed, login to view], and I have a registered account there if you need me to get anything.

I'd like some nice features like they have, if you just do some browsing you can see the type of customization the have.

I have an updated and legal copy of the forum software.

I had a previous programmer start the work, but unfortunately he had a family emergency and won't be back for a week, so I decided to find someone else.

Here is what I'm looking for:

1. Add moderators and their work log so I may know which moderator did what.. and be able to easily track moderator's actions (Previous programmer added Admin Panel -> vBulletin Options -> Cyb - Moderating Stats .. perhaps this is sufficient, but I am unsure how to use it}

[url removed, login to view] a possible script to AUTOBAN a user when specific words are used in a post/thread .. this ban would last 24 hours

3. Edit current skin to make it more professional looking and sleek.. as well as add some new themes to allow users to choose which they'd like to use

4. Add any other plugins that will make my server better and more prone to bringing the users back daily

5. Database Optimization (possibly.. not having any issues with it now.. could be done later down the road if this is hard)

6. Change thee way users are notified if a thread they previously viewed contains new posts, as of now it shows a small red arrow next to the threads/posts, which is verry ugly. I'd like some functionality similar to facepunch studios forum.. this is how they do it:

To show how many new posts is on a PREVIOUSLY VIEWED/OPENED thread:

[url removed, login to view]

When looking at the thread itself.. to see which posts are new..

instead of just those silly red arrows:

[url removed, login to view]

7. Add a better icon for the reputation system, and allow the

reputation number to appear in the box box that shows their username/post count/etc , and people can add to peoples

rep by rating them and leaving a comment

8. Make it so that Administrators can post HTML on any forum, but not

users of course. (I think this is already done by previous programmer)

9. I was thinking maybe the warn system would put a small

flag next to the persons name for 1 week when they are warned once ,

and then if they receive another warning, they get banned for a week.

10. I'd like a ban list somewhere on the site. This way people can

see who banned them, why they were banned, and how long they were

banned. (Programmer said he did this, no idea where it is at the moment though, maybe not done at all)

11. When users are banned, they are added to the banned usergroup of

course, this usergroup should automatically show a Avatar saying

BANNED (simple usergroup change), and hopefully reflect how long they are banned for for

example.. [url removed, login to view] , and then

under it will say how long they are banned for (i can show you a

further example if needed)

12. I'd also like to change my moderator user group system totally.. I

want to eventually remove the user groups (level 1 admin, level 2

admin, level 3 admin, and level 4 admin) I want some more relevant

moderator user groups, and have some new small banners made under

their name. (will have moderators for specific forums and whatnot)

13. For normal registered users.. maybe add a bar under their name to

indicate their "rank", which would increase as they get more and more

posts, looks something like this

[url removed, login to view] This can be

setup in the vb admin panel i'm pretty sure

14. VBSEO plugin.. which I can get if you need from [url removed, login to view], as

well as any other plugin. (This is already installed on my forum by the previous programmer, but I get an error when trying to run sitemap generator)

15. Better icons in general to report posts.. look @ ips (admin only),

add to rep, etc etc, and just better overall positioning

16. Make sure the google advertisements are still included in the new

themes we add, I was thinking maybe to make more ads to show for

unregistered users in different parts of the site, maybe even forum


17. Edit 2 of my top nav links on the forum.. pretty easy

I also have some non-vbulletin work I might have someone do.. so please let me know if you have experience with MYSQL and AJAX.

Also if you could optimize the database and whatnot to make it fast loading that would be great.

The forum is also linked to an aMember subscription software, so if you have experience with that as well that would be great.

Please let me know what experience you have with vbulletin, and what other customizations you could could add to make the forums more efficient and fun for the users. I also want to change up the layout a little bit and add more themes, so let me know if you can do that as well. Whoever I chose I will use long term for all my forum needs, so please let me know what you can do!

I will be choosing someone ASAP... Please send me a PMB and I will give you my forum URL


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