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222447 Clone video streaming download

This is a big project - full business solution:

Clon [url removed, login to view]

Clone of the webiste mentioned above: We do not need all parts of the website, butt full admin-area, payment solutions etc.

Main Front-end is:

- Movie On

- Amateurcams

- Privat Porn

Generall agreement:

- Rights for use, distribution and modification will stay with us

- All sites have to be fully SEO optimized

- Payment is made after solution is completed and working without bugs for at least 14 days.

- We will not provide SOW with all features required. You are in charge to develop full-business-solution under newest technical standard (e.g. Ajax, Web2.0) with high usability. Therefore you should have good project management skills and developed a lot sof big sloutions before.

- We will not provide you with S3 account, server or anything else. Thats your busniess.

- You will calculate a restricted timetable. If you do not deliver on time, we will cut the price for first day of delay by 20%. Every further day of delay will lead to a reduction of 5% of the agreed price. So please calculate wise. All testing, debugging etc. must be included!

- ONLY companies and professional programmers with excellent references are wellcome!

Please place your bid for full solution and if possible on the following module basis as well (each module with price in USD and estimated workload in days/houres.

0. List of modules / Overview (Modules can be de-/activated by admin)

- 1. Movie Section

- 1.2.2 Clip-/Movie Preview

- 1.2.3 Clip-/Movie Rating

- 1.2.4 Display other Products of the seller

- 1.2.5 Download solution (to access content)

- 1.2.5 Streaming solution (to access content)

- 1.2.6 Navigation by category, label and star (actor)

- 2. Clip Section

- 3. Payment Solution & methods

- 4. Storage Solution

- 4.1 Storage Amazon S3

- 4.2 Storage on sellers server

- 5. Registration (user/seller)

- 6. Admin Area for Sellers (where they can manage their movies/clips, see statistics, ...)

- 7. Search Function

- 8. Newsletter Module

- 9. Affiliate Program

- 10. Help function

- 11. Top List: most downloaded/watched

- 12. Watched-Now List

- 13. Full Administration solution, incl. statistics for Admin (income, uploaded files, storage in use, etc.)

- 14. Invite friends

- 15. Amateurcam (see clone site)

1. Movie section

1.1 Navigation

Menu points:

1) Home

2) Category -> Possibility to browse by category (amateur, anal, asia etc.)

3) Label -> Possibility to browse by label (i.e. MAGMA)

4) Star -> Possibility to browse by star (porn stars, i.e. Gina Wild)

5) Help

6) Search Box

7) Top Lists (most viewed etc.)

Possibility for sellers to place a movie/clip/scene on the homepage (as featured clips) to advertise their movies -> On Homepage we will have a list with „featured clips“ (e.g. maximum 5 with direct access) and link to „see all featured clips“ which will bring user to list of all featured clips. -> Seller has to pay fixed amount (e.g. 1 USD) for promoting his clip as featured for a certain period (e.g. 7 days).

1.2 Product details screen (for each movie)

1.2.1 Product information

Info screen of each movie should contain the information:

1) Title

2) Language

3) Seller (username)

4) Label

5) File size

6) Duration

7) Bitrate

8) Resolution

9) Category

10) Description

11) Actors

12) Cover (Picture/Preview-Picture)

13) Rating of movie (by other users)

14) Price for download, streaming and scenes (see: 1.2.5)

1.2.2 Movie Preview

Possibility for customer to watch a preview of the movie (30 seconds) -> possibility for administrator to change this period of time

1.2.3 Movie Rating

Customers have possiblity to rate/comment clip/movie (1 to 5 stars) -> possibility to rate the clip in general, the visual quality and the sound quality

1.2.4 Display other products of the seller

Display other products (movies and clips) of the seller below the product related information

For other products title, category, rating and preview picture should be displayed

1.2.5 Supply/Provision of content

Three possibilities to access movies -> seller can determine the price for full movies. Clips (as scenes of a movie) will be allways fixed amount defined by admin.

1) Download movie (access until movie is downloaded completely)

2) Watch movie (streaming) -> possibility to watch movie within a defined period of time (i.e. 24 hours) -> possibility for webmaster to define period of time

3) Movie can be split up in several parts (scenes) by the seller -> each scene can be downloaded separately by customer -> customer pays per scene/clip

Seller can define which of the 3 options above will be active for each movie – possibility for seller to define standard for complete offer (all of his movies)

Download links must be secure that nobody can use them externally or publish them on the internet

1.2.6 Navigation: possibility to choose by category, label and star (actor)

2. Clip section

This is a copy of the movie section: Only the movie section is for full movies which are normally produced by bigger companies (e.g. Magma, Vivid) and are also available as DVD. The „Clip section“ is for amateur screeners and smaller companies.

3. Payment solution & methods

Payment methods to be implemented:

1) Ordinary Bank Transfer: [url removed, login to view]

2) PayPal

3) Moneybookers

4) Credit Card

To register/usage the platform customers have to deposit a minimum amount -> possibility for administrator to define minimum amounts according to the payment methods

Payment module has to be flexible with regard to implementation of other payment methods

4. Storage-Solution / Uploading content

Two options for uploading of content should be possible for sellers: uploading files/movies to us or just import content-description and storage files by seller

4.1 Storage by us: on Amazon S3

Content (videofiles/movies/clips) is hosted by us -> Amazon S3 storage solution -> please make handable solution: that means maximum amount of files per bucket, and maximum sub-buckets per bucket (we don't wanna have hundreds of thousands files in a bucket) -> possibility for administrator to activate/de-activate S3 storage (modul) -> if its not used possibility to use server storage

4.2 Storage by us: on local server

4.3 Storage by seller

Video sellers choice if the content (video files) will be hosted on their own server (therefore we need kind of API or interface which is easy to use for external companies. In this case they only have to import a file with all clips, title, description etc.) or uploaded on S3.

5. Registration

Difference between registration as customer or seller

For sellers -> business related data have to be filled in -> the will be manually approved before they can start selling / uploading any clips

For customers:

Possibility to choose payment method

Amount to be deposited (i.e. 30.00 €)

Email adress

Option for newsletter

6. Admin area for sellers

Possibility for sellers to manage their products (movies and/or clips):

1) Upload, edit, delete content

2) Define general standards (prices for clips etc.)

3) Payments etc.

Pay-out solution for video suppliers:

- once a month all due credits will be payed

- statistics

- credit note with unique credit number, our company name/address, suppliers name/address, VAT, ...

- credit notes should be send via email as PDF once a month

Income will be shared 50:50 between seller and us -> possibility for administrator to define income share of individual seller

7. Search function

Search box (text field) on every site

Detailed search by dialog as you can see under: [url removed, login to view];infopage=search_ex

8. Newsletter

Possibility to choose between manual and automatic newsletter

8.1 Manual newsletter:

1) Text field

2) Possibility to choose pre-defined text segments

3) Definition of recipients (all customers, only selected, only sellers etc.) -> possibility to choose by several filter options

4) define max. numbers of emails send in a loop (e.g. 1000 recipients) to be send at once -> then defined time-loop is needed (e.g. 300 seconds) before the next 1000 emails will be send.

8.2 Automatic newsletter:

Possibility to define scenarios for which a standard newsletter will be send to the recipients -> e.g. Customer has not visited the platform for x days, all newsletter recipients will get once a week most watched or new entries

8.3 Newsletter statistics -> number of registered users for newsletter

9. Affiliate program

Afiliates will receive a percentage share of the revenues created by the customers referred by them for a defined period of time (i.e. 15% for 2 years)

Possibility for administrator to define the percentage share and duration

Possiblity to receive summaries/overviews per:

- Week

- Month

- Year

9.1 Affiliate program statistics

information to be received from the statistics:

- affiliate (user name / ID)

- money earned with the affiliate program

- Number referred customers

- Purchase turnover (total value of the purchases done by referred customers)

- Sale turnover (total value of the sales done by referred customers)

9.2 Statistics concerning advertising (banner, skyscraper etc.)

- advertising instrument (banner, layer, skyscraper etc.)

- Registered User (referred user by advertising instrument)

- number of Clicks

- number of Views


- Conversion rate

9.3 Payout options and credit notes

9.4 Admin statistics (e.g. afiiliates, income, several search criterias etc.)

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