Website for collaboration and commercial services

I need to have a new website for my office. The technology preferd is open source such as MySQL, PHP, etc..., My company will own the code for its operations, so no copyrights here.

The website should include the following features:

1- Fully featured content management functionality: the admin user without the need for

a developer should be able to (add/update/delete) website contents and move its

components around (i.e. Joomla).

2- Fully featured user management functionality: the admin user without the need for a

developer should be able to activate/deactivate user accounts, reset passwords,

add/update/delete user accounts, update user information, search/query,sort,filter user

accounts, group management (users can join multiple groups), users can be access the

options that they have access to it as per the access rights given to them individually

or to the groups they belong to). Users should be able to update their profiles.

3- Site visitors can view the some contents without registration, while many other

contents and services will only be available after they register.

4- Registration service to capture user information in two stages (basic information

first such as email, username & password) and after successfully creating his account

and his login (detailed information to be captured such as address details,

qualifications, etc). If any additional data is required sometime later to be captured

from all users, it should be dynamically asked to be entered once the user logged in.

5-Registration service should be dynamic to allow multiple types of registrations as

each type requires different set of information to be captured. (for example: Member

registration is different than Student Registration, paid membership differs from free

membership, corporate users differ from individuals and so on)

6- Registered users should be differentiated based on thier registration type, and the

website services should be mapped to which type should be using it.

7-Discussion forums like vBulletin for all site users with appropriate access rights

should be built.

8- Email services: Admin users should be able to send though the website HTML emails to

the users/groups of the website along with attachment where each user will get

individual email with his name and account details aong with the customized message

using a feature similar to (mail merge) to include dynamic fields in the body of the


9- Polls/Survey/Election functionality where users can be contacted to collect their input (i.e. zoomerang), while admin users can build the questions/answers and select groups/users and send the request email to the users, and also can monitor and analyze the respondonts answers anonymously with the posibility to put constraints on the opening day of the responses (for elections).

10-Photo Gallery

11-Events Management: Training Courses/Seminars ... etc, can be listed on the website and allow users to enroll to these events, events can be controlled by max number of registrants, some events require approval of the enrollment and other do not, some events require payment and some free, courses fees may differ for different reggistration types.

12- Payment online should be available through low cost secure epayment gateway. Cash Payments should also be recorded into the system and attached to the users.

13- Storage facility to upload/download files should be available

14- Points system should be available for all users based on set criteria, based on actions on website or attending paid training or directly adjusted by admin users.

15- Assignment system: Assignments will be published on the website to users, the users can select the assignment they want to work on it and submit their request, admin users will review the requests and decide to either accept the request to reject it. Some assignemnets may be allowed for multiple users and some other can only be assigned to a single user. Some assignments will be rewarding users with points while others will be charging the users money or points. Some assignments will have auto approval and others require manual approval.

16- Import/Export facility should be available in the website for admin users (for exaple to upload current registered users from excel sheet, dowload training registrants, ... etc)

17- Shopping card concept should be built in the website (Starting from the membership, the events, assignments and buying ebooks or downloads

18- Filter/search/sort functionality should be available in all screens dealing with list of record.

19- Maintenance screens for (reference data)/(lookup tables).

20- Linking with Google (Search, Google ads, etc)

21- Linking with LinkedIn-Facebook-Twitter etc

22- Small flash design on the homepage header.

23- Advertisement spaces on the website


Development and testing will be done on your hosting provider. Once it is tested and we are happy on its quality. We will move it to my new production environment (Please advise me on your faviourate hosting provider for the production environment).

Thank you

Abu Ahmad

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