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I would like to have an offer of you for the following application, in fact a DMS (Document Management System)

We use a lot of technical manuals, papers, pictures, .

We share all those now amongst each other via a forum/website just by sending those to each other.

I will fire my questions:

I would like to set up a database of technical documents (mostly pdf and doc) and pictures and small movie files.

Every registered member and wholesalers (see further) can upload new documents in different sections and subdivisions (for example cooling, subdivision thermostat, subdivision electronic thermostats).

The moderator can make the different sections and subsections.

New members must register first to avoid spamming and give in antispamcode.

All common fields must be added: name, land, city, interests, birthday…like you see in many forums

Member can choose an option that he wants to send his address to the local distributor of the products he was looking after.

Someone is looking for information about Mitsubishi. A wholesaler has marked certain documents with a specific name they have chosen in such a way that when these documents are downloaded by a user, a mail is send to the wholesaler that someone downloaded that specific document.

So, compressor information of type XYZ was asked by member ABC and this mail is send to the wholesaler.

New documents can only be entered via an antispamcode.

Possibility to search for documents by members.

Someone who post something must add search tags so that it can be retrieved easily by others.

Also adding the possibility where the poster can add his information in the section he wants.

Moderator is noticed of this or optional option for the moderators that new files from new members must first be approved.

A poster who posted 10 or 15 posts which were approved may receive an approval so that he/she can post his postings freely under the right sections.

Actual members on-line and their name.

Statistics who downloaded and uploaded documents and how many/day, this showing on the main screen.

If possible, a limitation/member to avoid that someone downloads the whole content of the website at once and increases bandwidth to fast. I was thinking of a daily limitation and/or weekly limitation/member.

Eventually an additional system like some P2P’s have where someone gains download credits when he uploaded files to the server.

A poster must add search tags to his document/picture so that it can be retrieved easily by others. At least two or 3 tags must be added so that they do some efforts to make their document searchable.

The servers remembers who uploaded the documents and how many times a document was uploaded, for example a message ‘This document was uploaded by MisterX on 12 june 2008. MisterX uploaded already 120 documents’

Moderators must have the ability to change or add search tags, remove unwanted files.

Important: publicity space – size can be altered by me or privileged moderators - so that wholesalers can add after entering a user–specific password their logo’s to the main page or the pages belonging to their section. For example, when someone searches for Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi logo appears somewhere on the screen.

If they have special actions during a month, they an change themselves their publicity.

This logo can be for example a gif file which changes for example every 5 seconds so that he can add more information on the same place but with different pictures. Wholesaler can upload these pictures/Gif files and enter the delay time between the gifs/Pictures.

He can temporarily buy bigger space if he has bargains or special news to offer.

It’s not my intention at all to gain something with this website, the idea is that the wholesalers pays just enough to pay the cost for hiring the webspace and the price for the programming spread over some years.

If I ask a small fee to the wholesalers and I find 10 wholesalers which will help me then most will find this a small amount for free publicity and my costs for the webspace can be covered with this.

The wholesaler can mark an option box in such a way that a member has downloaded specific information about his products. The wholesaler then can take eventually contact with him to give more specific information.

A calendar which reminds him and the moderator automatically that his subscription will ending soon and that he must renew his subscription, otherwise his advert will be taken away from the screen.

If a German member connects, then it should be of course better that a German wholesaler appears on the screen. So if someone searches for Mitsubishi manuals, the German Mitsubishi wholesaler appears on the screen.

If the search doesn’t find the requested document, a link to the wholesaler of the company is added as additional help.

So, the member must post precisely where he’s living.

Can we have some languages (English, French/Dutch/German which are the 3 official languages in Belgium), we don't need much text for this site. We will give the translations to you.

The main idea is to provide a general free database for all my colleagues and make some publicity for my small company (me and my son) worldwide and this all is paid by the wholesalers.

You will have to download and test this all on our webspace on [url removed, login to view] via a domain-name we already have or buy eventually a new name.

Must be compatible with most used browsers.

[url removed, login to view] is something similar but this is only a forum.

This project was posted previously, but due to reasons beyond myself, I was not able to follow this up fast enough and project closed.

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