Model an Already Existing Sales and Order Page


I need to create a sales page: [url removed, login to view] (which from now on I shall call/yaro)

I also need to create an order page: [url removed, login to view] ( which from now on I shall call /yarospecialorderpage)

This sales page will basically be exactly like my normal sales page; [url removed, login to view] with a few differences which I shall describe in the detailed job description.

The sales page will be exactly like my normal order page: [url removed, login to view] with the exception of differences that I shall also specify in more detail on the detailed order page.

Throughout the /yaro page we shall link to /yarospecialorderpage

Please don't apply unless you have a way of verifying that the web page will work perfectly on both Windows and MAC and across all the browsers that I have listed in this job description.



Do you wish to model another site? Yes: THE SALES PAGE

1) Side by side images

* Page being modelled: [url removed, login to view]

Please look at the screenshot: [url removed, login to view]

ii) I would like to model how they have two photographs of the two people involed in the promotion side by side with each of the pictures labelled with the name of the person ( "Jeff Mills and "Yaro Starak")

iii) I would like to do the exact same thing on my page using my image (I will send it to the winning bidder under the name "Mwangiface") and Yaro Starak's image (which I have attached under the name: " Yaro Starak")

iv) My name is "Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja" and you will put this under my picture. Put the name "Yaro Starak" under Yaro's picture.

2) With the exception of the differences that I describe in the detailed description /yaro will be an 100% copy of the page: [url removed, login to view]


1) As with the sales page, except for the differences stated in the detailed description, it will be modelled 100% on [url removed, login to view]

2) We will also have side by side images (as on the sales page) exactly as they are on the sales page - please refer to point number 1 under "sales page" above for more information (Feel free to ask if you have any questions)

Which browser/version combinations must this website support?

* IE 7.0

* IE 6.0

* Firefox 3.0

* Firefox 2.0-2.x

* Firefox 1.5

* Safari 41

* Firefox 1.0

* Google Chrome

It must work on both Windows and MAC.

What is your server hosting environment?

I have a server at a 3rd party hosting company.

The name of the hosting company is: Dreamhost

The server's shared/dedicated status is: Shared with other people.



1) Right below the banner ( look at the screenshot for more information: [url removed, login to view]) , at the top of the page, we will have big purple text with the words:

"Welcome Yaro Starak Readers"

ii) This text will be highlighted in yellow

iii) The text will be a few sizes larger than the text on this screenshot: [url removed, login to view] from the page [url removed, login to view]

2) Right below that text, we will have the side by side images ( each with our names below them) of myself ( Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja) and Yaro Starak.

Below that we will have the following:

(I have created a MS Word document with the written text for this section, called "Writtentextonsalespage" and have attached it. Below, I will describe what I want the section to look like)

I want for there to be a horizontal banner (780x145) for each of the following headings:

1) Conversations with Podcasting Gurus

2) Bonus 24 Video QuickStart Guide

3) Podcasting Profits Manifesto

4) Free Lifetime Access

5) Bonus Galore

6) Enter the Draw to Win

ii) The banner images will have the heading text within them. For an example of banner images that have text within them please refer to the following pages and look at the banner images at the very top of the page:

a) [url removed, login to view]

b)[url removed, login to view]

iii) The banner images will be as follows:

a) Conversations with Podcasting Gurus (This banner will be a collage of royalty free images of all the people I have interviewed: Gary Vaynerchuk, Paul Colligan, Yaro Starak, AJ and Jordan Harbinger, Geoff Smith and Cliff Ravenscraft)

b) Bonus 24 Video Quickstart Guide: Find a royalty free image associated with either podcasting or video, preferrably both.

c)Podcasting Profits Manifesto (A white banner will the MyPodcastingTutorlogo attached and the words "Podcasting Profits Manifesto" in large purple text)

For the rest of the images just find something related to the text that is royalty free and feel free to ask if you have any questions

Below all of this we will have the normal sales page exactly as it is on [url removed, login to view] The only thing we will change is the order buttons and the prices.

Sales Buttons and Prices

1) Everywhere where I specify that the price of the product is $97 across the entire sales page, cancel it with a red X and right above it write the price: "$57" For some examples of places where $97 appears on the page, look at:

i) [url removed, login to view]

ii) [url removed, login to view]

2) Everwhere the $97 sales button appears (View the screenshot for an example: [url removed, login to view]) cancel it with a big red X and have an arrow pointing to the text:

"Special Limited Time Offer for Yaro Readers: $57"

ii) This text should either be part of an image or written in a manner that really makes it stick out using the colour read.

iii) The text above should be hyperlinked

Every single hyperlink on this page will link to [url removed, login to view]


1) Will be exactly like [url removed, login to view] except for the fact that it will have side by side images of myself and Yaro Starak (each with our names below them)

2) The "Buy Now" button at the bottom of the /yarospecialorderpage will link to the same page as the link on the /[url removed, login to view] page.

<div style="text-align: center;">WORK PROCESS

<div style="text-align: left;">1) If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to express them:

i) During the bidding process

ii) During the work process

Please quote "Yaro" to be considered

2) As a result of the fact that there are many small details involved with this job, please allow me an extra 24 hours after the job has been completed to make any additional changes that may occur to me if the need arises.

ii) If the need arises, I will inform you and extend the deadline.

3) The job should be complete in a day and a half.

Please access all attached files via this link:

[url removed, login to view]

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