Only CELEBRITY FANSITE experts AND ADSENSE specialists to apply!!!

First of all, you must be experienced in making fan sites and have done so before, and you need to show me AT LEAST one such site that you have done in the past in the PMB along with your bid or you will not be considered for the project unless you have excellent feedback.

Second, you must know who the celebrity in question is, Elton John, as I believe this will make things easier and work will make things go faster without comprising quality. Elton John is a worldwide known celebrity with work that spans decades.

Third, YOU MUST be an ADSENSE and general advertising specialist as this site's main income is from advertising and affiliate programs.

If you pass these three requirements then you can proceed, you have to say this at the beginning of your message so I know you have read the description and consider yourself to pass all three or I WILL NOT EVEN READ YOUR BID and delete it. password is "Yahoo celebrity".

The website will be like many nicely designed fansites out there on the web and I need it to be unique, no ready made scripts involved unless you ask me and I approve it, everything has to be your own work, from the template to the back end to everything, obviously except the pictures. The requirements are:

- Unique design, under NO WAY WILL I ACCEPT generic templates, every page has to match the primary page design and/or has its colors for things like the forum.

- A forum, the free one, and I want you to match the colors of the forum them to that of the site. The skin, little icons, complete control of the forum (in the backend), statistics, panel for PMs, all will be included.

- A CMS page for newsfeeds about the actor, neatly designed, matching the main colors and design of main site and organized.

- Biography page (no plagiarism), nice layout, similar to the main page and I can add what I want on this page from the back end.

- Link to us page with little banners and again, same colors of site.

- Bookmark us to yahoo, google, delicious, and myspace all in the first page

- Fan material, as in wallpapers, screen savers, games, avatars, whatever. (If you can find such material, I'll pay you hourly for it, otherwise I can provide it and want back end functions to add them of course)

- Fan letters page - a nice design to automatically add approved letters and my answers to them (in an obvious reply, example, different color, FROM EDITOR before the message etc, all again in the backend features).

- This website's main revenue will come from adsense, so I want someone who is an ADSENSE SPECIALIST, who is VERY experienced at STRATEGICALLY placing adsense in everypage and changing the links' colors, basically someone who knows some adsense tricks to maximize CTR).

- Store page: another source of revenue, I want a basic amazon store that I will provide but I want a link to that (back end forwards this page to one of my choice).

- About us page

- Amazon banners on main page that I can modify from back end

- Content will be provided for but if you can provide at a good rate and has good use of the English language then I am also open for paying for content.

- Mail Elton John page.

- Every page will have icons to link to them in the first page.

- Advise on Elton John fan rings that you can find on the internet and add a link to it on the about us page and I will join the ring with the information you provide.

The first page will have again a unique layout and will include pictures, and since you will be an expert at fansites, I am sure you know how to put up different pictures of the singer, good use of photoshop perhaps in merging all pictures in a nice format would be nice. A section under the pictures where I will add news daily (like a small blog but not a blog), for example, Date, time, "Added new pictures in the Gallery today", etc. Keep space for banners to be added later and that can be activated from the backend whenever I want. The other elements of design are up to you and if you can do a better job than I described then by all means suggest it to me and if I approve more power to you! Finally, a nice logo to match the site "Elton John Fansite" just nice font with possibly a cool looking border to match site colors.

Back end that can support all the features and customized to change everything that is changeable. Banners, adsense, content, cms, etc.

If you are an expert on these sites, please provide proof and if I have missed something please don't hesitate to add a suggestion.

Thanks and good luck!

Payment: 25% front end design and sections approval, 25% back end approval, 25% at end of project, 25% will be left out of escrow and given also at end of project BUT you have to agree that I will deduct 20% of the last payment for every day that you miss the deadline by. I have already posted many projects that providers seem not to respect deadlines and if you do not agree with this rule PLEASE DO NOT BID, if you do then bid accordingly with a reasonable deadline that you think you can meet and do not exaggerate it. Continuous support after end of project would be appreciated if included in proposal. I also require daily updates in a url on your server. I have MANY MANY MANYYYYY other fan sites for development and the last one I put up was cancelled because the provider missed the deadline by more than a week with nothing to show for (hence the new deadline rule). So, if you do a good job on this one, consider yourself my main go to guy/girl/company for all my fan sites, and if you are super good then maybe my other more complex projects as well. I have many projects to develop this year, close to 30.


You agree to release all rights to the project to me and you do not include the work in your portfolio. And the design/layout since its released to me may not to be used again in any future projects.

Good luck!!!

I forgot two more pages, shouldnt be too hard:
-Discography, with links to buy all of his cds from amazon or if you suggest another better store thats also good
-Photo Gallery. I hope you can provide the pics, i will pay you extra if you do.
Thanks, if I forgot anything else in terms of fansites, please tell me :) :)

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